Skyy Hadley’s Refreshing Cucumber Lemon Foot Scrub

So, I’ve put off sandal shopping for a while now. I’m in desperate need of a new pair but my feet have been exiled. Dry, cracked heels and I’m pretty sure there’s a bunion. This little recipe came across my inbox and I think I’m going to try it. It sounds like it will be interesting if nothing else. I’m willing to try nearly anything at this point .

I’m dying to buy new shoes!!!

Celebrity manicurist Skyy Hadley has the perfect at-home recipe to give your feet a relaxing experience while exfoliating the skin for super soft results! See below for Skyy’s insider tips and you can connect with Skyy on Twitter (@SkyyHadley).

Skyy Hadley's Refreshing Cucumber Lemon Foot Scrub

Skyy Hadley’s Recipe for a Refreshing Cucumber Lemon Foot Scrub:

Start with 2 whole cucumbers (one per foot), 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of olive oil; mix in a blender until pureed.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and heat it up to warm temperature.

Place half of the mixture in a large Ziploc baggie and half in a second baggie.

Slide feet right into each baggie, rubbing cucumber mask until each foot is fully soaked.

Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water.

The cucumber is extra refreshing and reviving for tired toes, the lemon helps exfoliate and the olive oil deeply moisturizes for super softness.