Icebug Mist-L RB9X Review

Icebug Mist-L RB9X Review

Icebug Sneaker Review 2

I love fancy shoes as much as the next fashionista, but they aren’t always practical. Like, when I’m running to the store or in a hurry I want a shoe that I can just slip into and go. It helps when they look good, like the Icebug Mist (sent for review purposes). This shoe is stylish (I love the color scheme and the cute little pixellated bug graphic) and intensely comfortable. 
Icebug Sneaker Review

The Icebug Mist-L RB9X is a great solution to my athletic footwear needs. Whether I’m walking, jogging, or full on running my feet don’t bear the brunt of the impact. Is there anything worse than sore feet at the end of the day – with no one to rub them for you?!


It has done a lot of raining here in the suburbs of Chicago which means slippery walking surfaces. This was the perfect chance to confront and challenge the traction on the Icebug Mist shoe.

Well, it wasn’t much of a challenge. I didn’t slip or feel myself slipping once; even when I tried to use the grass as a slip and slide. The soles of these shoes really grip to help you stay balanced and on your feet.

I also want to mention that my feet actually stayed dry while I was performing my tests which surprised me. I thought for sure I would be left with wet socks. 
Icebug Sneaker Review 1

Everything about these shoes screams “Buy me in more colors” and “wear me everywhere”. They are girly, but not too girly which is perfect for when you want to be noticed but not stereotyped. I can highly recommend them for hiking, working out, and running errands. I wear mine quite often and haven’t had a tired foot yet which is a nice change.

Icebug has several styles of footwear to choose from. Each pair is made with quality in mind and made to withstand the environment you wear them in. Be sure to check them out and connect with Icebug on their social media channels.

Bring the Sexy Back with Adore Me #GiftAdoreMe

Bring the Sexy Back with Adore Me #GiftAdoreMe

This post was sponsored by Adore Me as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Okay, so I have been riding the celibacy train for 6 months now, which means I am halfway through with my vow. It’s not at all a religious thing, just something I’m doing for myself. It’s me learning how to love myself and command respect so I don’t end up reliving my past few relationships. I know it has to sound crazy to some people, and sometimes I think it is crazy too. Choosing to give up on something I’m so used to for a whole year?! But then again, that’s why I’m giving it up. I have been chasing boys since I can remember.

Be a woman a man needs

My problem was that they were too easy to catch. Well, I guess I was the one that was too easy to catch. I’d fall for every cheesy line and trusted way too easily. That’s why I’ve been with guys who lie, cheat, and other unmentionable things. I have a bad boy thing and it has got to go! By swearing off of dating or any intimate relationships for a year I am forcing myself to see the world around me and appreciate myself.

beautiful quote

I have learned a lot, mainly that I am friggen’ awesome! But besides that, my biggest setback is that I have self-esteem issues big time. I don’t have that part of me that says “You’re important. You deserve the world. You are beautiful” so I am hoping to build that piece up. I don’t want to settle or put myself on the backburner. I want to be happy, I want to be that person that believes I am important. I deserve the world. I am freaking beautiful.

I have always been happiest when I feel beautiful. Or maybe it’s when I’m happy that I feel beautiful? It’s a bi-polar thing I guess. Either way, the two correlate well together. So, I’m experimenting a little. Bringing sexy back {to me} if you will :). I found a company that has lingerie, sleepwear, corsets that fit me (without ordering 3 sizes up) and all the things that make me feel sexy. That’s not easy when you are plus size with a less than ample bosom, but Adore Me has it all!

Adore Me Corset

For all of you ladies who are hesitant to shop for lingerie online Adore Me is your answer! They are a subscription company that has true to size intimates in over 500 styles. Styles are available in petite and plus sizes too! The styles are amazing and the fact that I could order in my usual size and have it fit, I died a little. The corset was everything I had ever hoped for but yet to receive. The only issue I had was there was no one to help me close it (one of the downsides to celibacy!) but, get this, I could pull it on! Sure there was wriggling, twisting, and gyrating but I got it on and didn’t lose any of the corset benefits.

Adore Me Lingerie

The lingerie (panty/bra sets) selection is droolworthy. I wasn’t used to seeing my size available in so many sexy styles. What was even better was being able to choose separate sizes. Buying sets elsewhere usually means a One Size Fits All type of deal. You get a 36B bra with a size 7 panty. That doesn’t work for everyone, including me. Adore Me lets you select from extensive sizes for each piece of the set separately. I snagged a gorgeous red bra & panty set ( the Julie Contour)  that does wonders for me! The bra helps smooth out the top part of my chest and the panty fits perfectly with no riding or falling.


Adore Me Sleep Sets Robe

Then there are the sleepsets which while there aren’t as many styles to choose from, cover all of your needs. They offer sexy sleepwear as well as a more conservative set. I love the Judie set. The fabric feels amazing on my skin and the way it flows instead of clings makes me feel sexy, which makes me happy. They also have robes which I just want to live in! The Vanessa robe is flowy and sexy and pairs with everything.

I have had such a self-esteem boost since I found Adore Me. My mood has totally changed and I feel like I look amazing which, right now, is all that matters. I’m so excited about this company and highly encourage you to try it for yourself! Whether you have someone to impress or just want to feel beautiful and sexy you must check out Adore Me.

How Adore Me Works

Adore Me Bringing Sexy Back

Like I said, Adore Me is a subscription lingerie service. Their VIP Membership is $39.95 which gets you your choice of a matching set from the Adore Me collection each month. There is an awesome sale right now (until November 30) where new members can get their first VIP” set for $19.95 using the code GETGLAM19.

The beauty of this is you don’t have to buy a set each month. If you’re strapped for cash or just not feeling lingerie one month you can skip it. There is action involved here though so you have to login to your account and click “skip” between the 1st and 5th of the month. If you don’t your membership will be auto charged the membership fee and you’ll get a credit to use for the amount. If you don’t want to use the credit you can refund it to yourself within 30 days.

That alone is enough to love Adore Me!

Some other perks of being a VIP are:

  • $10 OFF any style, any time!
  • Every 6th set is on us!
  • Free shipping and exchanges.
  • Exclusive access to VIP only sales and sets.

This would make the perfect gift for your closest friends during the holidays! What’s better than the gift of sexy?! #GivingSexyBack!!

Here’s your chance to try it for yourself!

I-C is hosting a contest for Adore Me that you can enter to win one of two $500 credits to The contest closes November 30, 2015

Enter by sharing! I-C will randomly select two winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prize.

Adore Me Giveaway

Coolway Bring Boots Review

Coolway Bring Boots Review

Versatility is a big thing with Coolway. Their Caliope boots go from cowboy boots to casual boots with ease and the Bring (sent to me for review) are versatile too! They go from a cute ankle boot to a mid-calf boot with a few snaps, or un-snaps rather.

Coolway Boot Review

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Coolway Boot Review 1

The Bring is made with the same durability and comfort in mind as all of Coolway‘s footwear. They definitely put customers first because their boots are amazing! What I love most about this pair (besides the versatility) is the extra warmth they lend. The ankle cuff is thick enough to add some insulation on a cold day regardless of what position the sides are in.

Coolway Boot Review 5

The boots are made with premium leather with a rubber outsole. The lining and insole is made of synthetic fleece. There is a low heel, around 1 inch high so walking in them is as easy as it is comfortable.

Coolway Boot Review 3

There are also 2 separate pairs of shoelaces on each boot which makes adjusting the tightness (or looseness) easy which is pretty great. There is some extra work to be done when you fold or unfold the top. Work in the form of lacing or unlacing. That only takes a few minutes though so no sweat off my brow.

Coolway Boot Review 4There is some amazing traction on the outsole so walking on slippery surfaces will be safer. Now that it’s starting to freeze here in Chicagoland I’m happy to have something to keep me standing!

All of the things that make this boot awesome can be found in all of Coolway’s footwear. They are an amazing, affordable company that aims to satisfy their customers. They offer hip, urban styles at prices anyone can afford. These boots are  only $5o on Amazon! Get a pair today! 

Coolway Boot Review6

To show you how awesome Coolway Shoes are we’re giving away a pair of Azalea boots!  Here’s the details on these:

Sleek, warm design to keep you on top of your style game throughout the cooler seasons! Beginning with sueded leather along the upper, you’ll find visible whipstitched details along the sides of the shaft and foot for added design appeal. The shaft itself folds down, rolling to reveal the faux fur/fleece along the interior, shaking your look up depending on how you wear them. Rough texturing appears along the outsole to complete this cold-weather look!

You can’t go wrong adding these to your collection, working to keep you stylish even when the weather turns cold!

Color Choices

  • Taupe – Taupe beige upper, beige whip stitching, ivory interior, beige outsole.
  • Black – Ash black with dark green under-tone upper, beige whip stitching, ivory interior, beige outsole.

Coolway Azalea Boots

  • Style: Mid-Calf Boots
  • Heel Height: 3/4″
  • Platform Height: 1/2″
  • Shaft Height: 8″
  • Calf Circumference: 11″
  • Upper: Sueded leather
  • Insole: Faux fur/fleece
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Care: Surface clean

To enter the giveaway, visit the giveaway page!

Coolway Caliope Cowboy Boots Review

Coolway Caliope Cowboy Boots Review

I’m a country girl; always have been always will be. I may be living in the city now but there’s a phrase that sums me up pretty well:

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

I don’t try to hide who I am, in fact I show it off whenever I can! When I start talking fast look out ’cause the bumpkin is bound to come through. I have a twang that even my friends can’t understand sometimes! With that said, let me ask y’all something. What is a country girl without a pair of cowboy boots?!

I’d like to think that even if I wasn’t a country girl I’d still be drooling over these Caliope boots from Coolway (sent for review purposes).

Coolway Cowboy Boots Review

Coolway Cowboy Boots Review 5

These boots suit me to a t. They’re flirty and sassy all while not being loud and boisterous. They are in no way over the top cowboy boots. In fact, you can remove the braided straps and pull-on loops for days when you’re just not feeling much like a cowgirl. That versatility makes these boots perfect for everyone!

Go casual or dress them up, whichever style you prefer these boots will match and enhance it.

Coolway Cowboy Boots Review 3

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Coolway Cowboy Boots Review 2

The upper part of the boot is made with genuine, distressed leather with a soft and comfortable leather insole. The midsole is made of Polyurethane and the outsole is rubber.

The 1″ heel offers a slight lift without compromising your balance. The entire shoe fits snug while allowing your toes to wiggle freely – that’s highly important to me.

I really love the distressed look of the outsole, they really did a great job on these boots! They even offer dual-side pull-on loops to help get them on. I’ve had that issue way too many times – difficulty pulling a boot on when it doesn’t offer a side zipper opening. The loops make it effortless to slip your foot inside.

Coolway Cowboy Boots Review 1
I am really loving Coolway and their amazing boots and I know you will too. You can use the store locator to find a retailer near you or you can shop Coolway boots online. They offer men and women’s footwear in several styles, colors, and sizes.

If you’re looking for a hip, urban boot then you must check out Coolway! Be sure to connect with them on social media for the latest fashions and deals.


Antelope Ankle Booties Review

Antelope Ankle Booties Review

Imagine if high tops and boots got together and had a baby. That’s what I think of when I break out these Ankle Booties (sent for review purposes) from Antelope. Not to mention these are anatomically designed to provide support and a feeling of comfort.

antelope boot review

These ankle booties are an interesting spin on the average boot. The laces offer a visually different yet appealing style while adding extra security to your feet. If you like your boots to feel snug as a bug in a rug then just tighten the laces, or loosen them if you prefer more wiggle room.

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antelope boot review 3

Inside the shoe box was a dust bag which I think is great. You get these bags with mid – upper level purses to keep them in pristine condition. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your shoes?! At least I’m assuming that’s what this bag was for – I could be totally wrong but this is what I’m using it for!

antelope boot review 2

I’m definitely a fan of the laced up appearance of these ankle booties. They remind me of my childhood high tops which I miss ever so much. They offered support in ways other shoes rarely do. Speaking of support, these boots have a soft, padded insole that gives you great comfort and support when you’re standing for long periods.

antelope boot review 1

Usually when you’re choosing footwear you are forced to choose between leather and suede. There’s no choice with these ankle booties because you get the best of both world! That’s right, they are made with top quality, supreme leather and suede that was hand-cut. The 2 inch wedge is crafted from polyurethane with rubber outsole on the bottom.
Antelope ships free across the US and Canada so you can shop online with ease. The 753 Ankle Booties are available in black and brown and they have many other gorgeous styles as well.

To stay up to date on the new styles be sure to connect with Antelope on their social media channels: