Firmoo Eyewear Review


When I was younger I absolutely detested the fact that I had to wear glasses. My parents always chose the frames and they were usually hideous. I was so embarrassed and I swear my skin started to turn orange after my attempt at correcting my vision by going on a carrot diet. Of course it didn’t help even the slightest bit and over the years my eyesight has only gotten worse.

Thanks genetics!

Firmoo glasses reviewThankfully that childhood embarrassment has gone away and there are companies like Firmoo that offer stylish eyewear. I’ve never really owned a pair of glasses I honestly loved. That all changed when I received my new glasses and was so excited to try them on. I am still so thrilled I got to work with them.

They came with a carrying bag, a sturdy case, a cleaning cloth, and a eyeglasses screwdriver. Everything I needed to take proper care of my new eyewear. 
Firmoo glasses review

The Firmoo glasses themselves are so cute and stylish. Not only that though, they’re super high quality. The frames are durable and made to last. I especially love the flexibility of the arms. Way too often I get glasses that dig into my face because there is just no give to them. I don’t have that problem with these.

Firmoo glasses review

I love how my new glasses look. They give me that bit of pizzazz I’ve been looking for. If only I had these when I was a kid I’d have been a happy camper. But those days are gone and I have them now and you can bet I’ll be putting them to good use!

Firmoo glasses review

I’m eager to check out other styles of eyewear from Firmoo. They have so many to choose from. There were so many that spoke to me before I ultimately chose these. The fact that the prices are incredibly affordable makes it easy to buy multiple pairs.

Whether you are looking to update your prescription eyewear or just want some stylish new eyewear to add to your accessory collection you need to check out Firmoo. Don’t miss out on their Free Glasses offer either!

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