NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner Review

NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner Review

I think I was 8 the very first time I wore eyeliner. I don’t know how it was for you, but this was the late 80’s and I was always so amazed watching my mom put hers on. I would watch her do her makeup, always begging “Me next, me next!” My pleas were always met with “Maybe when you’re older.” and you know how kids are…

I snuck into the bathroom late one night and found her makeup bag. I wasn’t concerned with everything else, I just wanted my eyes to pop like my moms did. Back then she used an eyeliner pencil with a hard tip. Hard to the point she had to use a lighter to soften it. Do you see where I’m going with this?

I think I was 15 the next time I tried eyeliner. Thankfully I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing by then and I have been addicted to eyeliner ever since. When I was given the chance to try the NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner I jumped on it. There are five shades available: BLACK, NAVY BLUE, DEEP BROWN, TURQUOISE,  DEEP PURPLE. I tried the last three. Here’s what I found.

NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner Review

The Application

Thankfully there was no fire needed to apply these eyeliners. The smooth, near creamy liner glides on with good pigmentation on a single swipe. There’s no need to sharpen the eyeliner; just twist the base and watch it magically grow ;).

With this eyeliner you can go for a thin, low-key look or a sultry, smoky eye look. There is a smudger attached to the end which lets you blend the liner out.

NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner Review

The liner claims to offer a perfectly smooth formula, giving you coverage that never pulls or flakes. I can confirm these claims; I haven’t experienced any pulling or flaking with any of the liners.

The Wear

This liner also claims to be waterproof. I have tested it through crying, showering, and swimming. It does not come off with water alone. Prolonged water exposure (like swimming for hours) does seem to compromise the integrity and allow for smudging.

A quick – average length shower, brief rain encounter, or fit of laughter (laughing til you cry) are no match for this eyeliner.

NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner Review

The eyeliner seems to have a healthy lifespan of about five hours. After that it starts to fade away a little. If I’m going to be out longer than that I make sure to keep the liner in my bag for touch-ups.

The Miscellaneous

I hate the packaging. It comes wrapped in plastic that I had a time getting off. I broke a fingernail in the process.

It can actually be a pain to get off, eye makeup remover makes this easier.

These are super affordable at $2.00 per liner. I’m kind of glad there aren’t more colors because I would totally buy them all.

The Verdict

NYC New York Color HD Automatic Eyeliner Review

For $2.00 I couldn’t ask for anything more. The colors are rich and vibrant and the staying power is more than I would expect for the price. I’m loving the liners and can give them 2 thumbs up without hesitation.