Eureka Air Speed All Floors Challenge #EurekaPower

UntitledWhen it comes to your home there are 2 things that could leave it a disaster area. Your kids and your pets. Most households have at least one of these things and cleaning up after them can be a major chore. Luckily Eureka has a solution to make things so much easier. The Eureka Air Speed All Floors is designed with effortless cleaning in mind. It comes with all the attachments you could need and never loses suction. 

The Eureka Air Speed is equipped with patented AirSpeed Technology that gives you a confident clean, so you can take on whatever life throws at you. #EurekaPower.

Eureka Air Speed (3)

I was thrilled to take the Eureka Air Speed All Floors for a test drive. Since Alex has come into my home so many things have gotten harder. Cleaning for one!

Big dogs = big messes.

Seriously – everything from those mornings he explores the trash can to those evenings he finds all my important papers then shreds them. And then there’s days like these where he finds a bag of chips and proceeds to shake them open until they explode all over the floor.

Can you tell how absolutely thrilled I was to watch those tiny crumbs get sucked up by the Eureka Air Speed?

Eureka Air Speed (2)I swear the Eureka Air Speed is like a brilliant magician. It makes things magically disappear. Those crumbs were up in no time, and there was no spitback. You know, when you feel those tiny particles being spit back out on your legs, arms, hands etc… There’s none of that – whether I’m using the floor tool or the accessories.

Eureka Air Speed (1)

Thankfully the Eureka Air Speed cleans up the messes on the floor as well as the hair off of the furniture (darn shedding season) and any other mess that can and has occurred in my home. There are so many useful features on this vacuum and I’m finding it to be absolutely incredible. Especially since it does the hard work for me.  The vacuum’s suction control valve lets you direct all of the power to the floors or to the tools, so you can deep clean to stairs, furniture and crevices.

With the Eureka Air Speed you control what goes on. Engineered to clean a multitude of surfaces in your home, the Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS features a brushroll that can be turned on to deep clean carpets, and off to safely remove dirt and debris from bare floors. I love it because it gives me an even deeper clean. My floors look better than when I first moved in! I can totally see why, based on independent testing, Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS cleans carpets better than the Dyson DC41.Eureka Air Speed

I just can’t stop bragging on the Eureka Air Speed. The Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS is available nationwide at Walmart for $98  – That is a steal especially for what it does compared to other vacuum’s. It takes the challenge out of cleaning and I really want you to see how it works for yourself. I’m giving away not one, but two Eureka Air Speed’s to a couple lucky winners. Just use the form below to enter!

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