Warming the Heart with Dyson Hot+Cool

Tired of the rather costly energy bills that come with this time of year? It can be so costly during these cold winter months, especially if you’re home isn’t properly insulated like mine. Worry no more, Dyson is here.

Introducing the Dyson Hot+Cool portable climate control (received for editorial consideration). All new technology from Dyson has given us an amazing device, the Hot+Cool. Using whirlwind jet technology coupled with jet focus technology it will evenly and quickly heat the room or even cool it.

Dyson Hot+Cool Review

The Hot+Cool has two different modes.

Personal mode allows the warm air to be pulled through a small hole inside the machine, over a shaped ramp and it is then redirected into a focus ramp which will produce a powerful focused stream of either warm or cool air.

Diffused mode pulls the air through a second hole and as the two jets meet they are guided to a airflow projector that create a wide stream of air that will cool or heat the whole room.

I know one thing that I have always worried about with portable heating devices is that so many of them have the heating elements exposed, making it a very dangerous fire hazard. The low surface temperatures throughout and no visible heating elements make this a safe unit to use. If it tips over, the machine has been engineered to automatically shut off.

They Dyson Hot + Cool is also very Energy efficiency. It costs approximately 30% less to heat a whole room than conventional fan heaters, and can lower energy bills by 20% if used with air conditioning thermostat. It maintains the temperature between 33 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. When it hits the desired temperature the machine turns itself off, but if the thermostat senses a drop in temperature it turns back on.Dyson Hot+Cool Review

The Remote Control can be used for turning the AM05 on and off, adjusting temperature, airflow rate, and controlling oscillation easily from across a room. The remote control is curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine.

I must admit when I first saw the Dyson Hot+Cool I was doubtful as to whether or not it would heat my rather drafty apartment, its so small and unassuming! I was delighted to see within minutes of it being turned on that it was getting very warm in my living room. I even had to cut it off for a while because I was getting hot!

The range of motion on the Dyson allows it to distribute the warm/cool air evenly throughout the room, making it very comfortable in mere minutes. I normally use a propane fireplace to heat my house, but propane is so costly this time of year, and it’s dangerous. I’m always afraid when I start the fireplace that its going to blow up or something, so sometimes I would rather just sit bundled up in blankets so that I don’t have to take that risk.

Dyson Hot+Cool ReviewAnother thing that I love about the Dyson Hot+Cool is its visually pleasing appearance. Much more pleasing to the eye than most of its counterparts; most heaters are an eyesore that will get the job done but not look good doing it. The Dyson’s friendly appearance, I believe, comes from the beautiful blue of the inner ring. Not to mention its small sleek shape allows it to fit perfectly just about anywhere.

All in all it is a very powerful machine, allowing you to control the power output so that it is just a whisper or a powerful fan. It is doing wonders in my cold drafty apartment. Now I don’t have to worry about my fireplace blowing up in order to get it warm in here!!

You can get the Dyson Hot+Cool on the Dyson website for $399.99. If this price tag puts you off then because  you’ll love to know you can save 100 dollars until the 31st of January. I believe that it would set the atmosphere for a warm and cozy romantic dinner for two at home this Valentines day. It will definitely take the chill out of V-Day for you and you loved one!

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