Ball Drinkware Review

Have you ever sat on the front porch and sipped sweet tea from of a mason jar? That memory is a recurring one from my childhood. Of course back then the jars were “recycled” from pickles, figs or some other preserve. There was a reason my grandmother used them – we were clumsy and they were tough. I know I’m not the only one with memories like this because of what I’m about to tell you about. I received these for review and I was immediately taken back to my childhood.ball (2)

Mason jars have come far since my childhood. Today there are specialty jars with handles and even straws to go along. I’m definitely loving them. The added handle is a huge upgrade in my opinion, especially for those of us with clumsy kids! It’s the same great quality only less risk of dropping them now. Total upgrade.

The glasses make great vessels for sweet tea, sure, but what about hot cocoa and the 21+ beverages. They are great for all of these and there’s something else. Since technically they  are pretty much a mug why not make a mug cake?! The ooey gooey yumminess will be fully visible which is just another bonus on top of everything else.ball

The jars do not come with the metal rings to hold the lids on so you’ll need to get those separately.

Something else that’s pretty amazing from Ball is the Wide Mouth Infuser. Imagine a glass of tea infused with the flavor of fresh raspberries, strawberries or anything really. OR, infusing fresh fruits with vodka, rum or any other spirit – goodness! It’s easy when you have this!ball (1)

I love that Ball put recipes on their boxes. Like the Spiced Peach Mojito recipe; oh my goodie! I think anything spiced is perfect for fall so you can bet your britches I’ll be trying that one. I’ve been using the glasses a lot when entertaining. They are ideal for mixed drinks because when someone is tipsy they can hold on for dear life thanks to the handles. Yes, I have some of those friends and I love ’em!

So, head over to the Ball website and pick up some of these goodies. They’re pretty darn cheap – starting at $2.95. I’m loving the nostalgia and convenience of them so I think you should check them out too.

You can also connect with Ball on social media. They have some fun recipes, deals and more you’ll want to stay up to date on.

Ball Drinkware