Combat Winter with TAZO® Chai Tea #SweetMeetsSpicy

Combat Winter with TAZO® Chai Tea #SweetMeetsSpicy

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There are so many things that happen and come with winter. For me the main thing is getting sick; no matter how hard I try or how well-prepared I think I am, I find myself catching at least one cold at the start of the season. This year was no exception. Not long after the first snow I woke up with a sore throat. It was downhill from there and downhill is not where I want to be!


A sore throat isn’t the worst thing ever, but if you’ve had one you know how yucky it is. The natural act of swallowing becomes a nightmare and finding relief is the main agenda. It is a race to nip it in the bud before the sniffles, coughing, and sneezing start. This year I was ready for that race, armed with a secret weapon: Chai Tea.


Many spices found in Chai teas have medicinal/holistic uses great for combating sore throats and other ailments. Cinnamon and ginger both have antimicrobial properties while nutmeg, star anise, and cardamom play key roles too. Different Chai, different ingredients but the overall concept stays the same. Black tea with a blend of warm spices equals relief from winter turmoil.


Traditional Chai Tea isn’t for everyone. The spices can be a turn-off for someone with a sweet tooth but that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy it. In fact, TAZO® has a solution for that. TAZO® Chai Tea is available in several varieties including traditional, Vanilla Caramel, and chocolate. These varieties come in easy to use filter bags making that #SweetMeetsSpicy dream a reality. It gets even better with the TAZO® Chai tea concentrate (you must try the Vanilla Caramel – it’s incredible!


To help you try it, here is a coupon to save up to $2 on Tazo: TAZO®. You can also stay connected on social media.

Community Coffee Review + Iced Coffee Recipe

Community Coffee Review + Iced Coffee Recipe

When I wake up there are two things on my agenda: coffee and the bathroom. Not always in that order but one things for certain and that is I need my morning caffeine to get me going.

Community Coffee

So the Community Coffee Company recently sent over (for review) three of their blends: Breakfast Blend, Golden Caramel, and Pumpkin Praline. Needless to say they are my new BFF’s because these coffees are (excuse the expletives) freaking awesome man!

As you may already know I’m a little guy fan and family owned businesses fit into that category for me. Therefore, Community Coffee is on my radar of awesomeness for more than one reason. But back to the coffee, this is a review after all!

The Breakfast Blend is on par with your typical coffee, it has a smooth taste that is just right for your first cup(s) of the day. It’s not overly bitter so if you drink it black/plain you’re in for a treat. It tastes fresh even though what I sampled was already ground, which is an added bonus.

But then there are the others… flavored coffees that hit me right in the feels! Pumpkin Praline is one of their limited time special blends. When you open the bag it smells like fall and Thanksgiving and Grandma’s kitchen all wrapped together with a pretty, ornate bow. This is a sweeter coffee so it may not be right for everyone but for me it was spot on. I love the hint of spice that lingers after you take a sip, it’s perfect for the pumpkin spice protesters and lovers alike.

The Golden Caramel is my absolute favorite. It has a smooth base with a slightly rich undertone. It reminds me of a fall night at the fair with family and friends. It’s great for giving you those warm, tingly nostalgic feelings. Something familiar but not overpowering. I love using this one for my iced coffee.

Community Coffee Iced Coffee

This will probably make you think I’m crazy, but even in the winter I love iced coffee. I crave it throughout the day and going out to get one gets expensive. So, I make a big jug of it at home and enjoy it for days. I do this with Community Coffee and it is so good, SO GOOD! It’s really easy to make too, and there’s no fancy gadgetry required.

How to Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Get a large pitcher and mix together ground coffee and water. The general rule is to use 1 cup more water than coffee. So, if you use 1 cup of coffee you’ll use 2 cups of water. You can adjust this according to your taste preference (more water for a weaker blend, more coffee for a stronger blend.) Be careful though!

Whisk the coffee and water for about 4 minutes and refrigerate for at least 6 hours, but no more than 12.

Strain the coffee through a filter into a larger pitcher. Take your time with this process and repeat if you feel you missed some grounds.

I like to add milk and sugar to my iced coffee immediately, but you can do it by the glass if you prefer. Experiment with flavoring syrups and different flavored coffees. Go wild with it! Now that you know how easy it is to make iced coffee at home the world is your oyster.

Cold Brewed Coffee

Be sure to visit the Community Coffee website for all of their selections of coffees, teas, single serves, and more! Right now you can get free shipping if your order totals more than $20 so don’t miss out on that great deal!

15 Grand Marnier Drink & Dessert Recipes

15 Grand Marnier Drink & Dessert Recipes

Grand MarnierIn the 1880’s Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle created something magical; the cognac concoction known as Grand Marnier. Over the years I have tried many drink and dessert recipes that call for this divine spirit. That may be why I’m so excited to help you celebrate the “unofficial” national holiday known as National Grand Marnier Day (July 14th)!

Here are some of the most mouth-watering recipes calling for Grand Marnier I could find on Pinterest.

Do you have a favorite Grand Marnier recipe?

15 Grand Marnier Drink & Dessert Recipes


Grand Marnier Desserts

Grand Marnier Cupcakes via Three Many Cooks

Grand Marnier Truffles via Baker by Nature

Martha Stewart’s Grand Marnier Italian Buttercream Frosting

Grand Marnier Souffle via The Kitchy Kitchen

Grand Marnier Napoleons with Dark Chocolate Sauce via Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

Orange Soufflé with Grand-Marnier via Zen Can Cook

Chocolate Grand Marnier Sour Cream Coffee Cake via Rock Recipes

Italian Apple Cake with Grand Marnier Mascarpone via Essential Kids

Dark Chocolate Soufflé with Grand Marnier Crème Anglaise via Chris over at Shared Appetite

Sweetened Condensed Milk Cake with A Grand Marnier Soak via Hummingbird High

Grand Marnier Cocktails

Pineapple Mojito via Saveur

Jane Russell via

Mango-ritas via Hype Orlando

Flaming B-52 Shot via Food Viva

Blood Orange Vodka Cocktail via One Martini

Beat the Summer Heat with this Homemade Blue Lemonade

Beat the Summer Heat with this Homemade Blue Lemonade

It’s officially summer and I have mixed emotions. On one hand it’s time for beaches and road trips. On the other hand it’s time for bugs and insane heat waves. Summer is a double edge sword for sure. Thankfully there are some easy ways to avoid pests and beat the heat.

This homemade Blue Lemonade is a great way to have some fun and enjoy summer while staying hydrated. Lemonade is a summer staple  and the blue makes me think of the water. Homemade Blue LemonadeHow great would it be to enjoy this by the pool?

Here’s how to make this homemade blue lemonade. This recipe makes a 1/2 gallon and can easily be doubled to make more. Happy summer and enjoy!

Beat the Summer Heat with this Homemade Blue Lemonade
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  • 2/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, thawed
  • 3 cups cold water
  • 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice from 2 lemons
  • Blue food coloring, optional
  • Ice


1. Squeeze the juice out of 2 lemons to get 1/2 cup juice.

2. Purée the blueberries and pour the contents into a strainer.

3. In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, add the sugar and 1/2 cup water until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat.

4. Add 3 cups cold water and the lemon juice to the sugar mixture. Stir to blend well.

5. Add blue food coloring, a drop at a time, to meet your desired color. Stir.

6. Place ice in glasses and fill with the blue lemonade.

– Twine from a craft store
– White Peppermint Lifesavers
– Crazy Straws
– Gummy Sharks

1. Cut pieces of twine and string one Lifesaver on each piece. Tie the twine around the middle of each glass, placing the lifesaver in the middle to resemble a nautical life-preserver ring.
2.  Insert gummy sharks on a crazy straw and insert into drink.  Enjoy!

Homemade Blue Lemonade Recipe



Thirsty Thursday: Piehole Cherry Pie Cola

We recently received several additions to our Thirsty Thursday arsenal; among them were the incredibly awesome Piehole Whiskey. Each flavor (Cherry, Apple, and Pecan Pies) is spot on in flavor comparison to its pie counterpart. I have never tasted anything like them and would be lying if I said I wasn’t blown away. We did a taste testing of each flavor and the opinion was unanimous – WINNER!Piehole

Inspired by Grandma’s favorite pie recipes, this new-to-world product line features pie liqueur flavored whiskeys aged between four to eight years and bottled in Canada.

The bottles are insanely cute with antiquified pin-up girls donning the labels. Each pie flavored whiskey has its own pin-up girl. Is it bad that I’m just as excited about the bottles as what’s inside?

This week for Thirsty Thursday I wanted to keep it simple. A two ingredient drink that is scary good. We simply mixed cola with the Cherry Pie Piehole Whiskey. It tastes like Cherry Soda but better. The cherry flavor definitely shines through without the overwhelming alcohol taste that is present with many whiskeys. That can make this a very dangerous combination so be sure to drink responsibly!

Thirsty Thursday: Piehole Cherry Pie ColaSo, creating this drink is super simple. First fill a glass with ice (you want the ice to prevent the drink from being overly sweet.) Fill 2/3 full with your preferred cola and mix in 1 shot of Cherry Pie Piehole Whiskey. I just use a spoon to stir it up well and serve. You can garnish with a cherry or just drink it plain – the point is the drink is delicious and despite the lack of alcohol flavor, pretty potent. Piehole Whiskey is 70 proof/35% Alcohol by Volume!

Be sure to join us for next weeks Thirsty Thursday when we’ll be taking on the Pecan Pie Piehole Whiskey to see what we can come up with to wow the tastebuds. Happy drinking!