Redbubble Art Prints Review

Decorating a home is a rite of passage for renters and homeowners alike. Whether you have a strict theme to stick to or you’re looking for a way to let your eccentric side show the sky is the limit. I have lived here since March and I’m still trying to figure out what I want. If you haven’t noticed I don’t like sticking to one look too long, hence why the look of this blog changes so often. Change in any other context scares me so I guess I latch on to my home, and my blog, as ways to utilize change without the fear.

Decorating a home does not have to be an overwhelming experience. In fact you can do a few small things that can have a drastic impact. The main thing in my opinion is wall art. Carefully chosen and hung art pieces can truly bring a room to a whole new level.

Redbubble Art Prints Review

It has always amazed me how much a piece of art on a wall can liven up a room. Between conversation starters and awe inspiring designs you can easily change the  feeling of a room. For the longest time my walls have been completely bare. Not because I wanted them to be bare, but because I didn’t know what to put on them. Then the awesome folks over at Redbubble sent along some amazing art prints that opened the door to possibility.

Redbubble is a Print-on-Demand web store that works with incredibly talented artist to provide amazing quality products. They have a gigantic Wall Art selection which means no matter your preference there is something for you. The prices are incredible, maybe a little low, considering the high quality of the prints. I was definitely impressed by the two pieces I received. Picking up a few accent pieces is sure to bring your walls to life.Redbubble Art Prints

The only thing to keep in mind when ordering your prints is that you will need to decide how you want to display your new art. A classy frame, a creative mat, or some other form of display should be considered when you are choosing your prints. I’m still trying to decide what I want to do but I am leaning towards matting my pieces. Either way Redbubble is definitely the route to take when considering wall art.

Visit Redbubble

Head over to the Redbubble website and check out everything they have to offer. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed in the results. You can also connect with Redbubble on their social media channels.

Bringing Life to a Drab Room with

Sometimes all it takes to reduce the stress in your life is to add a bit of color. Seriously! Looking at the same drab walls in your home can be so depressing. So boring and vague. Change can be a positive influence on your stress levels and has the solution.

I am a sucker for flowers. I have a friend that brings me a bouquet regularly and they do so much for my mood.

Imagine what having a garden of sunflowers in my living room does!

Since I’m a renter now I’m limited to the changes I can make to my home. Remodeling is out of the question and painting is eh at best. That’s why I love and their easy to apply wall decals. Now I have a beautiful, whimsical garden in full bloom right in my living room. I can’t tell you how much this has brightened up the room and my mood. When you walk in the first thing everyone notices is the sunflowers. They look like they were painted on and pop off of the wall.

Applying them was a lot easier than I expected. The directions were clear: clean the walls, allow them to dry then carefully peel and stick the decals where you want them. I love having freedom and wiggle room when it comes to decorating and that’s exactly what I got.

The 3 huge sunflowers along with the 2 bumble bees can be rearranged and/or relocated whenever. The decals don’t leave behind any residue or indication there was anything there. Perfect for anyone who is renting or not a fan of commitment.

This was the room before


Plain, boring and leaving a lot to be desired. Now I have a lively living room that gets tons of comments. The first thing everyone asks is: “Did you paint that yourself?” No one believes they’re wall decals so I have to peel them back to show them. They’re equally amazed that it doesn’t peel off the paint or leave behind any nasty residue.

I proudly tell everyone that I got these wall decals from My Wonderful Walls. They’re meant to go in a kids room, but I’m a kid at heart 🙂 What do you think? Do you have a room that could benefit from some art from

My Wonderful Walls

My Wonderful Walls Offers:

  • fabric wall stickers kits
  • full-room stencil kits
  • and color adjustable canvas art


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