Crash Course for Easy Holiday Prep

Crash Course for Easy Holiday Prep

Is that sleigh bells I hear, or is it uncle Ted’s muffler? Whatever it is the holidays are here! Are you ready for the influx of family, friends, and co-workers? In case you’re not, here is the crash course for easy holiday prep.


Always have paper towels on hand. When you combine cooking, baking, clean-up, and sugared up kids, things are going to get messy. It’s the inevitable truth and the sooner you come to grips with this fact the sooner you can begin enjoying the holidays. Viva Paper Towels are the only paper towels I buy anymore. They have a more cloth like feel than your typical paper towel, and hold up much better too.

Viva Paper Towels make cleaning up a breeze and since they hold up so well you use less. Use them to serve snacks on, fold them into festive designs, use them to drain food. Paper towels are a vital part of surviving the holidays!

Viva Paper Towels

Remember the Kleenex. Kleenex has uses far beyond runny noses. The holidays can be a very emotional time for some. Emotional times usually involve tears. When kids are around you can almost guarantee there will be tears (theirs or ours or both).

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not only is Kleenex great for catching mascara runs, the festive packaging will only add to your holiday decor. I love how the Kleenex® Perfect Fit increases the festivity of the room without taking up a ton of table space. Kleenex1

Stock up on toilet paper. When you have guests over it is safe to assume they will need to use the bathroom at least once during their visit. The odds increase when guests are staying the night. Don’t disappoint them or send them on a wild goose chase. Instead, stock up on some septic-safe TP like Scott® or Cottonelle®.

I like to leave several rolls sitting on the back of the tank. A cute basket it the perfect way to keep them on hand in an elegant fashion. This can also cut back on the guest snooping – they have no excuses to open your medicine cabinet.

Pro Tip: Take anything embarrassing, illegal, or valuable out of your medicine cabinet! Just because people don’t have a reason to snoop doesn’t mean they won’t.


This time of year is frantic; just when you finish one thing you find three more things that need to be done. Once it’s over we’re all like “OMG, it’s New Year’s already?” but right now it’s crazy. Oh how quickly we forget!

Here’s something you won’t want to forget: Walmart has everything you need to get through this holiday season.

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Deck the halls

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