Maison Margiela ‘Artisanal’ Collection

A process of discovery, returning to one’s roots. Piece by piece, deconstructing and constructing a new story for Margiela.

A deep commitment to the extraordinary possibilities of the Maison’s Atelier and the art of Haute Couture. Approaching tailoring, techniques, craftsmanship like a new explorer, or painter. One who sees beauty in things that are often taken for granted, giving everything a newly enriched life.noname (1)

A powerful and fierce yet refined mix of fabrics and materials. Stripped down, or reborn together in startling and unexpected ways.

New direction given with play on proportion and sartorial rules. Languid, sweeping. Precise tailoring. A new fuller, revealing silhouette.

Eyes wide open in wonderment to a veritable Cabinet de Curiosités. A jigsaw of lacquered shells reminiscent of Arcimboldo style figures. A miniature battalion charging across a black velvet shoulder. Pearls that bring teardrops of memories to the face.
nonameLooking through the glass, discovering an elusive, rare even arrestingly strange new beauty, of muses who nonchalantly arouse your senses.

The Finale of Toiles. The Cabine marching in honest testimony of the process, the trials and errors, the time and emotion behind each cut, each line, each vision.

A world deep in its past but with promises of the future.

Frill Clothing Review

Are you planning a wedding or appearing in a bridal party? We all know the bride is the center of attention but after her everyone is looking at the bridesmaids. What they are wearing, their makeup, their hair, etc.. That is why companies like Frill Clothing (who sent a gorgeous skirt for review) are making the dressing part hassle free.

Frill Clothing offers bridal as well as sorority wear. That means rush week just got better! Regardless of what you need, Frill has you covered and it couldn’t be easier to shop. Just pick a style, fabric, and color then Frill will custom design your clothing. They will even donate part of their profits to a sororities philanthropy of choice. Y’all know how much I love a company that gives back and pays it forward!frill-clothing

We received the Carolina Bow Skirt, which is in the sorority category. It has a modest yet fun style to it which makes it great for a sophisticated rush. There are 46 – yes, 46 – colors to choose from and there is an attached sash below the small ruffle at the top of the skirt. The bow can be tied in the front or the back which means the style is versatile. The 2″ wide waistband sits at a natural waist position which makes it super comfortable as well. You don’t have to worry about the skirt riding up or down and the concealed zipper ensures a solid fit.frill clothing review

The length of the skirt will depend on the size, but the hem can be easily let out to add an extra inch to the length if needed. Apparel from Frill Clothing is not machine washable and needs to be dry cleaned.

When it comes to coordinating fashion Frill Clothing has it down to a science. They make sure you are getting exactly what you want with quality in mind. When you order 15 or more pieces you get a group discount so keep that in mind when ordering.

To stay up to date you can connect with Frill Clothing online:

Dressing for Two: Maternity Style Basics

Pregnancy is a time for joy and embracing the changes to come. Indeed, for many expectant moms, being pregnant is a wonderful experience: a time when they feel most beautiful and most at peace with themselves and the world. However, joyous though it may be, pregnancy can also be overwhelming. Take wardrobe, for example. Understandably, many pregnant women are a little daunted by the idea of dressing for two. Given the physical changes experienced during pregnancy, not to mention swelling and other symptoms, great maternity style can seem ever elusive.

Dressing for Two: Maternity Style Basics

Thankfully, there are a few tricks to looking great during pregnancy, and they’re listed below for your reading pleasure:

Your Maternity Wardrobe: The Basics

Like your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, your pregnancy style will require a few basic pieces. Start with maternity staples like the following, then mix and match your way to top-notch pregnancy style:

  • Maternity leggings. Compression or maternity tights are essential to a stylish, modern, and perhaps most importantly, comfortable pregnancy wardrobe. These must-have items can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and will grow with you throughout your pregnancy. What’s more, maternity leggings provide benefits like support for the circulatory system, which can prevent swelling, tenderness and varicose veins. If you’re expecting, do yourself a favor, and stock up on these staples.
  • Dresses. In the not-so-distant past, maternity dresses were basically tents. However, the modern expectant mom has lots of options. Maxi dresses are great choices, as are empire-waist numbers. And if you’re the daring type, go for a full body-conscious look with a wrap or bandage dress.
  • Jeans. Like dresses, maternity jeans have made great strides in recent years. No matter your personal style, you’re bound to find some maternity denim that suits you. Bootleg styles work great for balancing out curves (or a blossoming belly), and dark washes are known for their slimming effects.
  • Tops. A few must-have maternity tops include tanks, tunics and camisoles. For added comfort, look for compression tanks with tummy support.

Styling Tips

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to styling your maternity wardrobe. When striving for great pregnancy style, keep the following points in mind:

  • Dress like yourself. To look and feel your best in maternity clothing, be sure to stay true to your own sense of style. While many women feel comfortable experimenting with different maternity looks, most prefer sticking to their own tried-and-true ways of dressing their best.
  • Accessorize. One great way to stretch your maternity wardrobe is to have fun with accessories. Bags, jewelry, scarves and other pieces can totally change the look of a particular outfit, while making you feel like a million bucks.
  • Layering. Layering can be a valuable fashion tool for expectant moms. By mixing and matching staples like maternity leggings, tops and outerwear, you can turn a few pieces of clothing into an extensive wardrobe.
  • Borrow and trade. If you know any new moms, enlist their help in finding great maternity clothes. One great idea is to trade a pre-pregnancy piece for a maternity item; after delivery, return all piece to their original owners.
  • Get thrifty. Thrift stores can offer lots of goodies to moms-to-be. Check your local thrift and consignment shops for great maternity pieces, and save cash in the process. Most maternity items are very gently worn, but be sure to inspect before you buy.

Although dressing for two can be challenging, it is possible to do it in style. With the tips provided here, moms-to-be can dress their best, not to mention feel beautiful and confident, throughout pregnancy. Good luck!

Fall Fashion with Anatomie – Travel in Style

Now that it is time to pack up the crop tops and break out the jackets it is also time to prepare our fall wardrobes. I was recently introduced to a new clothing company known as Anatomie. They make travel clothes for women that are stylish and comfortable.

Maybe you’ve heard of them? Anatomie sent out a pair of their Skyler Skinny pants in navy to help us find inspiration for some fun fall fashions. The color wasn’t very inspiring so I thought showing off the waist would be a good start. I adore the double button flaps  Here’s what we came up with.

Fall Fashion with Anatomie


I’ve put together four outfits, each with a different style. The first outfit is casual, modest attire. The sweeping earrings lighten the mood a little while the shoes contrast just enough to take away any drabness from the otherwise neutral color palette.

The second outfit has a more wild child appeal. A gold waterfall jacket adds some glamour to the leather bound jacket and neutral halter top. A comfy pair of combat boots ties the outfit together for a look that is comfortable and speaks for itself.

The third outfit carries over the summertime crop top with a long sleeve. The tiered necklace is perfect for quick accessorizing.  The shoes go perfectly with the outfit and if nothing else grounds it.

I like to consider the fourth outfit Boho chic. It’s comfortable yet looks thrown together which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to seem like they put tons of time and/or thought into their wardrobe. I love the pop of color the shoes give the otherwise nature inspired color palette.

Fall Fashion with Anatomie

I put together each outfit above with travel in mind. I can see every one of these outfits being comfortable while flying, riding or travelling through the space time continuum. The pants are comfortable and don’t lose shape during the day. That’s super important when you are dressing for travel – you don’t want to take on a sloppy look midway through your journey!

If you’re looking for comfortable travel attire then definitely check out Anatomie. Their prices are a little on the high side but you are paying for quality and luxury, keep that in mind! You can also connect with Anatomie on their social media channels where you may find some great deals, fashion news and more.