Invisible Glass® Review

Invisible Glass® Review

What is your least favorite thing to clean in your home? For me, it’s the windows. I always feel like I clean and clean but the smudges and streaks just laugh at me as they refuse to go away. It wasn’t as bad when we were still in Chicago since there were only 2 windows, but now we have 4, plus glass-top tables and desks.

At first, I was discouraged because that’s a lot of glass to clean. Thankfully the folks from Invisible Glass® sent out some of their products (for review purposes) I realized it might not be that bad.

What is Invisible Glass®?

Invisible Glass Review

Invisible Glass is a glass cleaning product made by the Lancaster County, PA based company, Stoner. It is usable on most glass surfaces in and around the home. Invisible Glass is made with a ClearDry™ formula that results in a clean glass without streaks or haze. Easily remove:

  • oily dirt
  • dust
  • fingerprints
  • sap
  • bugs
  • droppings
  • grease
  • adhesives
  • smudges
  • smoke haze
  • plasticizer film
  • pollutants
  • other difficult grime.

There are no dyes, soaps, or foams used and the product evaporates 100% leaving nothing behind but see-through glass.

Invisible Glass is made with a ClearDry™ formula that results in a clean glass without streaks or haze. There are no dyes, soaps, or foams used and the product evaporates 100% leaving nothing behind but see through glass. Invisible Glass comes equipped with a 22oz trigger pump that lets you spray exactly where you want it.

What do I think of Invisible Glass®?

The day after we moved in I used the Invisible Glass Aerosol Spray to clean the desktop and tabletops. They were pretty yucky between not being cleaned in who knows how long and remnants of a non-emptied charcoal grill spilling on them. I can’t say the Invisible Gass worked miracles because I still had to do a lot of scrubbing to get the glass cleaned, but the after results were pretty impressive.

Invisible Glass Review

Normally when I clean glass there are at least a few streaks left. There were absolutely none left after using Invisible Glass and I find that to be impressive. I looked at the glass from every angle and it truly looked invisible! The product is easy to use and gives great results. I will definitely be choosing this over other glass cleaning products in the future.

Invisible Glass is available at many retailers including Walmart, Dollar General, Target, and There are several options including home glass cleaners, auto glass cleaners, lens wipes, and glass cleaning kits, all at incredibly affordable prices. You can visit the Invisible Glass website to get a full breakdown on product availability.

Here are some helpful tips on getting the most out of Invisible Glass

For glass so clean it’s invisible, use Invisible Glass® with a microfiber or low-lint cotton cloth. Avoid paper towels that contain added softening agents and may cause streaking or haze. Invisible Glass is safe for use on glass, mirrored, chrome, and stainless steel finishes.

In the Bathroom

  • Easily tackle toothpaste splatter, fingerprints, and hairspray build-up on mirrors and shine faucets and fixtures. Use the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool® to clean tall mirrors and glass shower doors.

In the Kitchen

  • Clean and buff stainless steel appliances with Invisible Glass and a microfiber cloth to wipe out fingerprints and smudges.
  • Invisible Glass is perfect for cleaning glass cooktop stoves and won’t scratch the surface.

Around the Home

  • Clean windows and glass doors with Invisible Glass using a top to bottom or side to side motion. A circular method creates static charge attracting dust and dirt to the surface.
  • Tackle your window cleaning on a cloudy day as full sunlight can cause cleaning agents to evaporate on the glass too quickly.
  • Attach the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool® to any standard extension pole to reach tall windows or mirrors.
What Could a Professional Rug Cleaning Mean for You?

What Could a Professional Rug Cleaning Mean for You?

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes the yearly spring cleaning. So break out the brooms and dust pans and get ready for a professional rug cleaning this year.

Right now is a great time to make a cleaner and healthier home your pledge for 2016, especially after you see the shocking statistics in this infographic from Ahdoot Oriental Rugs.

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs


Does this change the way you think of spring cleaning? Are you worried about what could be hiding in your oriental rugs? I know I am! Just think of what life could be like with perfectly cleaned rugs… I bet breathing would be a lot easier/more satisfying. What a wonderful thought!

Spring Cleaning with Chem-Dry

Between the mud that gets tracked in from outside and the abundance of things that get spilled on the floor and furniture it’s a wonder I get to sit down at all! Here recently I’ve welcomed these things and before you go and call me crazy please note I have a good reason. See, Chem-Dry sent us three of their products (we partnered with the NicheParent Network for this campaign) to test out. They sent the Carpet Stain Extinguisher Spot Remover, Grease & Oil Stain Extinguisher, and Carpet Deodorizer.

PicMonkey-Collage-1The first thing I tested out was the Carpet Stain Extinguisher Spot Remover, which seemed perfect for the glob of ketchup that somehow dried up on the couch. Please don’t ask how a glob of ketchup was around long enough to dry up because I don’t have an answer. Chalk it up to the stress of packing/moving and trying to keep up with my normal day-to-day life. The point is the ketchup was there and it wasn’t going anywhere without some help. I read the directions on the can of Carpet Stain Extinguisher Spot Remover which basically told me to spay the product directly on what needed to be cleaned, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and wipe away with a damp cloth.

Clean FurnitureI did all that and was so pleased with the results I went over to the orange stained carpet a few feet away.

PicMonkey-CollageI repeated the process to see how the Carpet Stain Extinguisher Spot Remover would work on Kool-Aid stains that had been there for who knows how long. I wasn’t as impressed with the carpet as I was the furniture but it still did a good job at lightening up the stain. You can barely tell there was anything spilled unless you are looking for it. Again, I have no clue how long it had been there but it had to have been at least 2 weeks (the last time there was orange Kool-Aid in the house.)

clean floor

I haven’t had much reason to try the Grease & Oil Stain Extinguisher thank goodness, but knowing my friends it’s going to come in handy eventually!

The Carpet Deodorizer is absolutely amazing, especially since there is smoking inside. Days after using the Carpet Deodorizer the house still smells fresh and clean with no trace of stale smoke. It is an eye opener to smell the difference and helped me come to the decision to ban smoking inside. It helps with pet odors as well making it a must have product for any home! The Carpet Deodorizer even helps bring matted, dull carpet back to life which is a huge bonus!


I’m the newest Chem-Dry fan and I can excitedly tell you that you need to check them out. Their products work great, smell great, and last a long time. To help you love them too, Chem-Dry is hosting a spring cleaning contest on their Facebook page where one winner will get a free carpet and upholstery cleaning package valued at $500. Contest ends April 3, 2015.

Prepare to Wow Guests with Kaboom #KaboomClean

I received the following products for editorial consideration – all opinions are my own

When you have a constant flow of friends in and out of your home the bathroom is at the top for most frequented rooms. I don’t want to know what people are doing in there and I definitely don’t want them knowing what I’m doing! Since I’m not a fan of sticking my hands in the toilet and scrubbing brushes are a cesspool of bacteria, Kaboom has become my new best friend.

KaboomThe Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean toilet cleaner is, to make it brief, awesome. Seriously – anything that will clean my toilet for me is a winner in my book. But this is a toilet cleaning system that easily attaches inside the toilet tank. That way no one will see the magic happening! The system injects OxiClean Stain Fighters into the toilet bowl each time it is flushed which keeps it clean. Oh, and it gets under the rim clean too – score. 

A few more things that make Kaboom Scrub Free! Continuous Clean system awesome

  • Won’t harm toilet parts
  • Safe for Septic Systems
  • Cleans & Deodorizes
  • Refillable

Kaboom Scrub FreeIt couldn’t be easier to install the Kaboom system. Just clip the device on the back of the toilet tank and attach the tube from the tank to the device. Then you put the tube that is attached to the device into the overflow pipe (still in the tank.) Unscrew the cap from the device and place both tablets from the box inside then screw the cap back on. It may sound a little overwhelming, messing with the toilet tubes, but trust me when I say it is a piece of cake. There is even a video to help with the setup process:

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to not have to scrub the toilets. I was so embarrassed to have anyone use my bathroom because I dislike cleaning it so much. It was made so much easier with Kaboom Scrub Free! Continuous Clean and I can’t imagine life without it. Seriously – it gets the toilet super clean and there is never any gross odor left behind. That is everything I could ask for in a toilet cleaner and the some!

Kaboom Toilet

What are you doing to wow your guests this winter?

Family Traditions with Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner

#MiFabuloso #CollectiveBias1When I was little my Wela (grandmother) would put on music and hand me a broom, mop or feather duster. There was no planning, just all of a sudden she’d start singing:

y donde hay musica hay baile


She never really gave me a chance to complain. If I started to she’d grab my hands and swing me around, causing me to immediately burst into laughter. When she put me down we would clean together. Laughing, singing and dancing while cleaning was our tradition. She always stuck to her specific brands for cleaning and one of them happened to be Fabuloso; an All-Purpose Cleaner I still use today.

I owe everything I know about cleaning to Wela and to this day cannot truly get into cleaning without music. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Family Traditions with FabulosoToday when I clean I have a few ways to make it fun; well as fun as cleaning can be! It involves a lot of dancing and the occasional singing into the end of a feather duster. The beauty is once I get started I don’t even realize I’m working. By the time I’m done my mood is elevated and I’ve worked up a sweat from all the dancing.

#MiFabuloso #CollectiveBias (3)

I have a playlist on Spotify that is just for cleaning. It’s full of upbeat, fast tempo music that makes you want to dance. Tip: When creating your own playlist make sure to avoid depressing music.


You know how there are certain triggers that instantly take you back? The smell of Fabuloso takes me back to dancing and cleaning with my wela when I was little. As soon as I open the bottle it’s like I’m 6 years old again, flying through the air giggling. I couldn’t imagine using anything else to clean my kitchen and bathroom with; those memories are priceless and being able to relive them again and again is wonderful.

I think everyone should have a cleaning tool-box that has the Household Essentials needed to clean. Here’s how I put mine together:


  • Get a sturdy container with a handle so you can easily carry it from room to room.
  • Make a list of all the items you need to clean efficiently. My list includes Fabuloso All-Purpose cleaner, furniture polish, glass cleaner, a feather duster, sponges and old rags.
  • Fill the container with the cleaning products and store it somewhere easily accessible. Make sure you put the products back for later use.

Tell Me: Do you use Fabuloso or have a childhood memory of cleaning?