Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Lids Review

I’m always excited to find anything that’s out of the box original and functional. I am still super excited about the Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Lids I received for review. They are incredibly adorable and festive and serve a wonderful purpose. In fact, this is the perfect time of year to grab them up while they are in stock. With that in mind let me tell you what they are!Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Lids

These are…. you guess it – silicone lids! They come from Charles Viancin, a noted French designer who specializes in nature inspired kitchen items. The Winterberry collection is festive and green – and I’m not just talking about the color! With these silicone lids you can ditch the plastic wrap and aluminum foil. Even better your potluck dishes are going to get a lot of attention.Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Bottle Stopper

I received several items from the Winterberry Collection and each one sports a festive design. They are the perfect festive addition to the holiday table. There are lids for bowls and dishes of all sizes. There are even wine stoppers which are beyond cool. My favorite part is the airtight seal which keeps the lids in place. Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Winterberries

The fun and festive designs are great but the functionality is even better. Now I get to ditch the plastic wrap and aluminum foil and use something way more attractive. Tell me that isn’t a huge bonus in itself. They are definitely conversation starters and a good way to impress friends and family. The covers come in a variety of sizes and designs so all of your needs are covered.

Charles Viancin WinterberryNo more risk of insects invading the casserole or glasses. How many stray flies have landed in your coffee cup? That can’t just happen to me. The lids are also microwave, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator safe. You can jazz up your home for the holidays and make cleanup a breeze – score!

Anyways, I’m loving the Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Lids. I think you should pick some up for yourself and for the entertainer in your life – what a great holiday gift! Check out the Charles Viancin website for even more great goodies and be sure to connect with them online.