DIY Airheads Candy Snowman #AirheadsCrafts

DIY Airheads Candy Snowman #AirheadsCrafts

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Now that winter is here I can’t help but wish for snow. We’ve had a few days where it flurried, a couple of times it stuck, but not enough to have any fun with. I really want to build an Illinois snowman!


My bucket list demands it!

Since the weather has yet to deliver my snowman building supplies I’ve taken to improvisation. On the plus side I created a snowman that isn’t just super cute, but totally edible too!

Airheads (1 of 1)

It starts and ends with Airheads Candy (which rocks my socks) and a little bit of imagination. Sure he’s not your traditional, fluffy white snowman – he’s even better, fruit colored!

It’s super simple to make your own Airheads Snowman. For the head I used one Airheads, for the middle I used two, and for the base I used three. There are white (Mystery Flavor) Airheads that would make it a more traditional snowman, but I’ve never been much for traditional. I like to color outside the lines.


I had to play with the Airheads a little before rolling them. They are very firm so I stretched and plied them for about 5 minutes each. Then I just rolled them around in my hands like I was making meatballs! I did use a white one to make a scarf-like add-on and a snowy bottom.

I am planning on making more snowmen soon, but bigger so that I can use the Airheads bites as buttons! Maybe cake or cookie balls? I’m getting a little hungry just thinking about that!

There are so many things you can do to enhance your Airheads Candy experience. There are tons of DIY craft ideas you can find to create your own #AirheadsCrafts. What do you think you’ll be doing with your Airheads Candy?

Mike and Ike Throwback

I don’t know about you, but I love candy,  from chocolate to gummy, from sour to hard candy.  I have a healthy sweet tooth.  I love trying new (and old) things when it comes to candy.  Recently Mike and Ike  re-released a couple of the old flavors that you may remember. Mike and Ike is a brand of fruit-flavored (and other special flavors) candies. They were first introduced in 1940 by the company JUST BORN, INCORPORATED. 

Mike and Ike Throwback

So the first flavor that was recently re-released was Mike and Ike Root Beer Float.  They brought it back and put it in a retro box.  The box design is absolutely wonderful, an instant classic.  I really enjoy Root Beer, it is one of my favorite sodas.  So when I saw the Root Beer Float Mike and Ike I just knew that I had to try it.  It turns out that I love Root Beer in just about any form, even in chewy candy form.  It has a very strong Root Beer flavor to it, and it leaves a great after taste in your mouth.  All in all I believe that it is a good thing that they brought it back, and it should be pretty successful.  I know I love it.

Mike and Ike Throwback Cotton Candy

The other flavor that was also re-released in its retro packaging was the Mike and Ike Cotton Candy flavor.  I’m not really a cotton candy fan, so I didn’t particularly care for the Cotton Candy flavor Mike and Ike.  Though I will say that it is very much  reminiscent of Cotton Candy itself.  They do leave an extraordinarily sweet taste in your mouth, I have a friend that absolutely loves cotton candy and he tried them and fell in love.  I’m pretty sure that he will be buying them for himself very soon.

Mike and Ike Throwback Root Beer Float

Well, that leaves us with two new/old candies for people of all ages and types.  I tip my hat to the people at JUST BORN INC. for giving us a little throwback to enjoy.  I look forward to possibly seeing some new flavors from Mike and Ike.  Maybe revamped version of the Mike and Ike Zours or a super fruity original.  You can find Mike and Ike at most any local retailers at a very reasonable price of about $1.89 for a 5 ounce box.  I hope you have enjoyed this post on Mike and Ike candy from JUST BORN INC.  Have a good one everyone.  9 pound box, here I come!