Candle Warmers, Etc Review

Candle Warmers, Etc Review

The worst thing in the world for me (involving my house) is when people walk in and crinkle their nose. You know, when there’s a smell that’s just horrible but they don’t want to seem rude by saying something. It’s one of my biggest fears actually; I hate thinking my house smells bad. Because of that I use a lot of things to keep my home smelling good. One of my favorite things is candles but they never seem to last long.

Candle Warmers, Etc Review

When I first saw the Candle Warmers, Etc website I fell in love. Not only with their products, but their mission. To bring a new, affordable way to enjoy candles into homes everywhere. They have been doing this since 2001, and are the original candle warmer providers.

While I love candles, I am so worried about a fire getting started or wax getting on something important. Not only that, but they melt so quickly and I never feel like I’m getting my monies worth.Candle Warmers, Etc Review

Do you see what I’m getting at?!

With Candle Warmers, Etc I get to still enjoy the scent of my favorite candles but for longer and without the risk that comes along with open flames. I’m in love with my new Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern. Not only is it gorgeous by itself but when I pair it with a candle it leaves the most gorgeous pattern on the wall and table.

The ambiance alone is fantastic; the subtle aroma that comes from the Tahitian Sunrise Candle is even better.

Candle Warmers, Etc Review

I don’t see myself ever lighting another candle. I have no reason to! The Scroll Candle Warmer Lantern from Candle Warmers, Etc is everything I need to enjoy candles. It releases the fragrance and gives me the ambiance I’ve come to love from candles. It also makes a wonderful addition to my living room decor.

Candle Warmers, Etc Review

If you have kids or pets Candle Warmers, Etc allows you to enjoy candles without the fire hazard. Not only are the items from Candle Warmers, Etc safer, but they are more budget friendly too! I can highly recommend them to everyone whether you’re looking to save money or add beautiful decor to your home.

Be sure to check out all of the warmers on the Candle Warmers, Etc website and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Candle Making at Home with Natures Garden

Have you ever sat around with your girlfriends wondering what to do? Since I’ve gotten older I have been feeling a lot less fun and more drab. My friends have assured me this isn’t true but when it takes hours to come up with plans for a girls night in I feel off my game. This time around it didn’t take long at all to decide what we were going to do. At home candle making!

I have a major obsession with candles – I absolutely adore them. I had never actually made a candle myself, despite my love for them. That’s part of the reason I was so excited for some at home candle making action. It was also great to let each of my gal pals customize the colors and scents of their candles – and to let them take them home!

Candle making

Natures Garden Candles sent us everything we needed to make several candles:

  • Wax
  • Jars
  • Wicks
  • Color blocks
  • 4 Scents
  • Thermometer
  • and melting pot


The instructions that came with the kit were super easy to understand and follow which is huge for anyone new to candle making. We set up the melting pot and started melting the wax and whichever color wafer we wanted. We waited for the temperature to get just right to add the fragrance


We filled up the glasses, only partially for the multi-colored candles. For the multi-colored candles we let the first wax addition cool for a couple hours before adding new wax.

We waited for most of the recommended time before burning the candles, but once we did we were amazed. Not only do they burn perfectly slow but the scents were fantastic. I didn’t expect the fragrances to be so prominent yet they were. Not in a bad way, but in the way you can actually smell them and they smell good!


We had a lot of fun making candles at home; it was definitely something we’ll be doing more of. Not only was it fun but it gave us girls a chance to bond and connect more which is always a bonus. I see lots more candle making in our future and Natures Garden is bookmarked for future shopping.