When To Have A Sandwich

When it comes to sandwiches we all know what we like and when we like it, particularly when it comes to Brits like me. Some sandwiches are just perfect for specific times, and deeply engraved into our daily traditions.

The Morning Sarnie:

It doesn’t matter whether you like your bacon with egg or sausage, or whether you want it in a stottie, a bun or a good old loaf – what matters is the bacon. There is room for more, and there is no shame in the simple and traditional. We all love a good bacon sandwich, but there are times when we all just really want that good old bacon butty.

When you’re hung-over. Those of you who have seen Al Murray (The Pub Landlord) and his famous sketch explaining how bacon proves there is a God know exactly what I’m talking about. Bacon has a rich, smoky aroma that can draw us even from the comatose state that only a long evening of pretending you can dance and drinking rum can induce. Bread and bacon are actually fantastic for a hangover, because sandwiches are a light food you’re not too likely to throw it up, and the bread helps soak up any alcohol that hasn’t quite made it into your blood stream yet, allowing you to sober up a little quicker. Smoked bacon usually has a slightly salted taste to it which encourages you almost subconsciously to drink more fluids and flush some of the toxins out of your system. Not to mention it’s delicious, so bonus there.

Or, after a lie-in. As adults, with real jobs, commitments, families and other such stress to live with that odd lie-in we manage to get has to be celebrated. A bacon sandwich is the ideal way to celebrate this; simple, cost effective, quick and tasty – what’s not to love? Big bonus on the bacon party if you manage to get someone else to make it for you, particularly if they let you eat it in bed.

Britain's Favorite Sandwich Fillings

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The Lunch Time Sarnie:

There are plenty of options available, but some are suitable for more specific conditions.

Summer sandwiches – When it comes to spring and summer we tend to appreciate something a little fresher; something that tastes good cold and includes some vegetables for the more refreshing taste. Tuna and mayonnaise is a popular option, as this is easy to make just about anywhere and provides a filling, delicious option. Ham, cheese and salad also offer an excellent option, either mixed together or separately. Personally my summer favourite is cheese and cucumber, thanks to the refreshing, largely water content of the cucumber and the rich flavour of the cheese.

Winter and Christmas Sandwiches – During the winter more meat based sandwiches are more popular, particularly with hot meats. Chicken is a great option hot or cold and provides an excellent filling all year round, though you may find you eat it a lot more frequently in the days that follow Christmas, thanks to the amount of meat families often have filling up the fridge long after the Christmas feast.

When you’re short on cash – Sandwiches are cheap. If you’re in an office there is generally someone who can offer you a few slices of bread that they aren’t able to use before it goes stale, and even if there isn’t bread is fairly cheap; as are some of the cheaper filling options. These include cheap sandwich meats, those little pots of sandwich filling, and an American favourite; Peanut Butter and Jelly. Really if you like this type of sandwich you’re likely to have peanut butter and jam around the house anyway, so it is a particularly cheap option. Personally, as someone with a hatred of peanut butter and general lack of interest in jam I think this sandwich option is incredibly weird, but each to their own. My little sister is a fan of noodle sandwiches when money’s running short in her house; yes you heard that right. Super noodles (packs cost about 12p in a supermarket) in a sandwich!

The Supper Sandwich:

Sometimes we get to the end of the day, and we want something just a little bit more before it’s time for bed, just something to fill us up a little bit extra. After all – sleep is easy when you’re stuffed.

The perfect with-beer sandwich. If you’re anything like me and don’t get around to watching the TV series’ you follow until rather late in the evening you may find that you’re rather peckish, but you don’t want something that’s going to be too heavy, because apparently eating right before bed time is bad for you. It is at such times that I go for the crisp sandwich, the type of crisps don’t matter, something that can be crushed into a sandwich without tearing the bread will of course work particularly well, and this offers a perfect snack for following up with a beer. Ideal if you like something to relax.

To warm your insides. If you aren’t feeling quite right; stomach cramps, a bit of a poorly belly, maybe starting to catch a cold – there is one sandwich that will never fail to perk you up. The good-old fish finger sarnie. Grill some fish fingers, and sandwich them while they’re still nice and hot. This will warm you up, and the fish means that they’re good for you too. It’s win-win.


About the Author: Kate Critchlow is a sandwich lover and food enthusiast currently working as a freelance writer with a number of clients.