Softsoap Limited Edition Review

My favorite thing about this time of year? The different smells that bath & body products come in! Softsoap sent some super awesome Limited Edition products for review and Oh Em Gee do they smell amazing!  Parisian Berry Bliss, Alpine Mint Frost, and Venetian Vanilla Spice – how can you resist?! Each of the limited edition scents has a delicious aroma that makes you want to close your eyes and bask in it. That was my experience at least. Especially with the Parisian Berry Bliss.

Each of these limited edition Softsoap varieties has a full on fragrance that will linger long after you get out of the shower. That is my favorite thing about them. Some body washes last only as long as the water is running. Then you hop out of the shower and the smell is gone. Sure you smell clean, but I want a lingering scent when I’m using something as yummy as these.Softsoap-1

The way my skin feels afterwards is another big bonus. I am extremely happy that despite the frigid winter weather we’ve been having my skin isn’t showing any signs of drying or cracking. That is huge for me considering I have dry skin normally. I am pretty stoked about each of these body washes and can definitely recommend you pick some up while they are available. They would make a great stocking stuffer or gift basket filler for a DIY Holiday Gift Basket.

You can learn more about Softsoap on their website. Don’t miss all of the limited edition scents for the different seasons/holidays!

Sonia Kashuk – Bath & Body GIft Sets

I absolutely adore gift sets. You get all of the necessities and sets are usually cheaper than buying each piece individually. Not only that, but gift sets make amazing presents for the holidays. Especially for last minute shoppers like me! I always end up getting at least one person on my list a gift set just for the fool-proof factor.

This year I’m excited to have been introduced to a new brand, Sonia Kashuk. There are 2 sets that I received for inspiration and I am loving them both so much. The first here is the Purple Seductia travel set. Pomegranate, rose and patchouli make this a sensual fragrance set that stands out. The scents are bold and flirty and subtlety isn’t the objective here.


The second set is the Red Promisia travel set. Sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla make this a earthy set that is not at all overpowering  I can see anyone liking this set as the subtle smell is suitable for even the more sensitive noses.


Both of these sets are available at Target! The best part – they are under $20 – well, $19.99 – but still under $20.00! They both come with a reusable carrying case that makes keeping the contents handy easy. Each set includes perfume, body butter, and shower gel in matching scents.


Just as awesome is the fact that these are just the right sizes for travelling with. That means they are a wonderful gift for the frequent flyers and nomads. And now my favorite thing to share – the good that Sonia Kashuk does.

Sonia Kashuk supports the following charities & organizations:

  • Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW)
  • Cancer and Careers
  • The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Sonia Kashuk is a breast cancer survivor!)
  • Target House

There are so many reasons to be a fan of Sonia Kashuk so be sure to connect with her on her social media channels. Also be sure to head over to Target to check out the Sonia Kashuk line and make someone happy this holiday season.


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