John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

Have you ever thought your hair had a mind of its own? I have been saying that for years about my own temperamental hair. Some days it cooperates but other days it gives me a major fuss. One day I will have gorgeous natural waves, another day it will be stick straight. There are some mornings I wake up with defined curls and other mornings it’s just a giant frizz ball.

I’m not a huge fan of ponytails so they are my last resort on a ‘complicated’ hair day. Instead I like to have an arsenal of tools at my disposal. I was recently given the chance to add a new hair tool to this arsenal (provided for review purposes) and there are so many reasons to keep it close by. The tool? The John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron. Here’s the skinny on my new best friend.

John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

Product Overview

The John Frieda JFC8 Tight Curls Curling Iron provides ultra-high heat levels and it only takes 30 seconds to heat up. With LED temperature settings up to 400 Degrees F (205 Degrees C), you can produce hairstyles of any kind quickly and easily. It includes a protective heat mat for safe storage and an auto-off feature in case the iron is left on. And with a convenient swivel power cord you don’t have to worry about a tangled mess.


  • Superior Ionic Anti-Frizz Conditioning
  • Ceramic Titanium Coated Barrel
  • True Ceramic Heater
  • LCD Temperature Control
  • Heats up to 400 Degrees F (205 Degrees C)
  • 30 Second Instant Heat
  • Auto Shutoff
  • Swivel Cord
  • Heat Mat Included

My Thoughts

The first thing that drew me in with the Tight Curls Curling Iron was the 30 second instant heat feature. When you’re on a schedule you don’t have time to waste, that includes waiting minutes for your curling iron to heat up. 30 seconds to tight curls may seem unheard of but I promise you it’s possible!John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron Review

11 heat settings may seem like overkill to some, maybe even overwhelming. You don’t need to use all of the settings but I do recommend trying them out to see which works best for your hair. When I’m in a hurry I set it to 400°F, but when I have some spare time I keep it at 250°F.

The Ionic Conditioning and True Ceramic Technology leaves you with a tight, shiny, frizz-free curl. My hair actually feels and looks healthier after I curl it.

The Verdict

I love it. I think every woman should own this. It is the best curling iron I have ever used. Even if tight curls aren’t your thing it’s great; you can always brush them out for a wavy, still just as shiny and healthy looking, style. Regardless of how you use it, whether you’re a curling pro or just starting you’ll have a professional looking style without the professional price tag.

For $25.00 (and free shipping with a Prime membership) you could be on your way to gorgeous hair. The John Frieda Tight Curls 1 Inch Curling Iron is a definite winner.