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6 Beauty Hacks to Take the Chill Out of Cold Mornings |

Waking up in the morning to the cold and frigid temperatures makes it almost impossible to want to do your usual hair and your daily beauty routines. However, there are many ways to help combat that. Below are six beauty hacks that will help make cold mornings easier.


5 Easy Beauty Hacks for Perfect Skin |

How much did you spend on your skin in 2016? What were the results like? It’s easy to get carried away with creams, lotions and supplements and drain your wallet without seeing much of an improvement. This year, save some money! My five favorite tricks are cheap, easy and effective. You’ll keep your skin looking smooth, moist and healthy.


Simple Steps to Heal Damaged Hair

Hair Repair for damaged hair

I can’t count the number of times I have dyed or bleached my hair. It started in my early teens and has continued since. When I started dying my hair I didn’t realize there would be consequences like split ends and damaged hair. At one point you could squeeze my hair and hear a loud crunch like you were squeezing a handful of hay. That’s so not sexy.

That’s so not sexy.

I still dye my hair, just not as often and I’m super selective about what types of dye I use. Thanks to some tricks I’ve picked up along the way, my hair has regained most of its healthy attributes.

If you are looking for help repairing your damaged hair then read on. I’m going to share what has worked best for me. If you have a suggestion please leave a comment below.


The Minimalist Guide To Eye Makeup

Jaclyn Baker

Let’s go back in time to my young teenage years. I noticed other girls were starting to get into makeup and I thought to myself “Hey I want to do this too!”

So I did what every teen in 2010 was doing… I hit up YouTube.

I cannot even explain how impressed I was at how knowledgeable these girls were.

Or so I thought.

After watching tutorials for days I finally felt confident enough to start doing makeup on myself. I went up to my bathroom did my whole skin care routine, put my hair up in a bun, gave myself a pep talk and was ready to go.

Except I forgot one thing; all of the tutorials I watched required at least 5 products just on the eyes! I had no primers, liners, shadows, nothing.

I only owned lip gloss and concealer. Oops.