Spring FabFitFun Box Highlights

Spring FabFitFun Box Highlights

fabfitfunfabfitfunThis is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

I have always been a giver, but when I get awesome stuff it does make me happy ūüôā The spring FabFitFun subscription box definitely made me happy! It was chocked full of amazing finds fitting for any woman’s lifestyle.


What is FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a subscription box with full-size fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle products. No tiny samples in these boxes! Each season there is a new box filled with products suitable for that season. The boxes retail for $49.99 but the value is well over $200. You can subscribe at fabfitfun.com, be sure to use my coupon (amberk) to get $10 off of your first box!!

What’s in the Spring FabFitFun Box?fabfitfun

Let me just say there was nothing I didn’t love in the spring FabFitFun box. Each time I looked at a different product I lit up – there was just SO much awesome in the box. Here is a list with a breakdown of value.


MakersKit Kitchen Herb Garden DIY Kit ($35) РGrow basil, mint, and thyme directly in your kitchen! It comes with everything you need to get started, just add water.

BodipureBodipure¬†Keratin Gloves¬ģ and Socks¬†($9.98) – There’s no denying the havoc winter weather can wreak on ¬†your hands and feet. These gloves and socks are made with Keratin to strengthen your¬†skin and nails. Your hands and feet will feel much smoother and soft after just one use.


Jus D’Amour Bath Bomb Trinity ($28) РEvery woman needs at least 1 day a week to unwind and relax. These bath bombs are a welcomed treat for bath time. There are 3 different scents all made from organic ingredients.


ISH¬†Contour Kit¬†($32) – Whether you’re new to contouring or a seasoned pro this contour kit is a great addition to your makeup bag. It has contour and blush so it’s a great space saver too.

Happy Necklace

Jook and Nona Gold Plated Tag Necklace¬†(Happy)¬†($65) – Who doesn’t enjoy jewelry? This necklace is a smaller statement piece that can be worn with nearly everything.

fabfitfunHelloLegs¬†Shaving Emulation Lotion ($19.95) – Made with¬†rich body lotion¬†and¬†gentle shaving creams with¬†a bit of “blade butter”, you’ll never look at shaving the same way. Kiss razor burn and frustrating shaving goodbye.

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Oil Therapy ($22.99) РThis stuff is ahmazing. It makes your hair shiny and smooth without leaving any greasy/oily residue. it also smells amazing.

Merrithew Mat Strap Plus ($14.99) РI adore anything with multiple functionalities and this has so many uses. 

fabfitfun31 Bits Gift Card ($25) РThe only thing better than hand selected gifts is a gift card that lets you choose what you want! 31 Bits is a socially conscious jewelry company that gives displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to combat poverty through fashion.

Sterling Forever Gift Card ($30) РAnother gift card for gorgeous jewelry! They offer trendy jewelry at affordable prices РScore!

Total value of $282.91

The best thing about FabFitFun is that each item is curated to fit in with any lifestyle. It’s kind of finding a treasure chest filled with all the things you never knew you loved.

You can still get the Spring FitFabFun subscription box, and remember when you use my code (amberk) you get $10 off of your first box.



Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

Skin care products are everywhere and the price tags vary. There is always some miracle cream that promises to take 5 years off and restore your skin to infancy like conditions.

All it costs is your entire life savings and the promise of your first-born.

In case you are like me (and many other women) and don’t have the extra $$$ to drop on skin care products and cosmetics there are other options. Would you believe there are products out there that work and are affordable? Oh yea there are!

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

Recently Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics sent over a bunch of their products to try out. While a couple weren’t really hits with me, there were a few stand out players.

The Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Skin Renewal Facial Peel is probably my favorite of all of the products. The product itself is a little misleading, but the results I saw definitely put a smile on my face.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

See, the Facial Peel starts out as a non-conspicuous liquid; no texture or color, just a clear liquid. Once you start rubbing it, it balls up which could make one think that the newly formed texture is the impurities being removed. Instead this texture seems to be what helps remove the dead skin, kind of like a scrub but way more gentle.

After just one use though my skin looked healthier and the unsightly blackheads that plague my nose were almost nonexistent. One use and my blackheads basically disappeared. That right there was proof enough for me that the Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Skin Renewal Facial Peel is awesome.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review 8

I wanted to love the Ultra Rich Body Butter, but the¬†antique¬†fragrance¬†(it reminds me of my grandmother’s perfume)¬†and a slight burning sensation put a stop to that. I’m sure it’s just a sensitive skin issue, something to do with the fragrance, since others have tried it and not had the same experience.

The Avani Ultra Rich Body Butter does leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized and the fragrance seems to fade after a while. The texture of the body butter reminds me of cold cream, you know the stuff you used to remove your Halloween makeup as a kid.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

I am a fan of the Natural Mineral Body Scrub. It’s similar to your typical exfoliant, no overwhelming smell and a gentle scrub that gets rid of dry, flaky skin.

The¬†Natural Mineral Body Scrub¬†leaves the skin feeling new and refreshed, which is what you’d expect from a body scrub.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

The Cellular Restore Night Cream and Eternal Face and Neck Cream¬†are other products from Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics that I wanted to love. The packaging says ‘All Skin Types‘ but I wouldn’t suggest these for sensitive skin. They¬†adds a great amount of moisture, however the slight burning sensation was felt with this too.

The products I had the worst luck with all seem to have the same added fragrance that I’d like to attribute the burning sensation to. My skin gets that feeling whenever I used a heavily scented product.

Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Review

One of the many things I am thankful for is my lack of wrinkles and sagging eyes. I started getting grey hair in my early twenties so I was expecting more signs of aging by now. Luckily (knock on wood) I haven’t had to worry about sagging eyes yet, but I know it is only a matter of time.

I have been using the Defining Eye Lift Serum semi-regularly to hopefully put that off for even longer. This is a collagen enriched serum designed to stave off the signs of aging by keeping your under eye area firm and toned.

I can’t really comment on how it works since I haven’t experienced the other side of the coin. I can say I still haven’t seen any sagging since using it!


The Deep Cleansing Mud Facial Gel is a new concept for me. I have used mud masks before and love them, but this isn’t that. It’s actually not very mud-like at all. It’s more like a soap but leaves your face feeling like you’ve just had a facial. It’s not a harsh cleanser so I can see it working with most skin types.

The Mineral Cleansing Milk is gentle with a refreshing fragrance. It’s another Avani product for all skin types. It helps wipe away blemish causing stuff and leaves your skin feeling light and healthy.

Overall I’m thrilled with Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics. While the prices may sway you, you can find most of their products on Amazon at deep discounts. ($99 retail on the Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics website to $15 retail on Amazon.) Don’t worry if you can’t find something on Amazon, we have a coupon (valid through¬†January 15th 2016)¬†to take 50% off of the entire Avani website.

Use code ‚ÄúWinter50‚ÄĚ.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Review

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Review

I’m not sure if it’s the Chicago water, weather, or a combination of both but my skin is not loving it. Over the past couple of weeks my skin has been dry and yucky¬†like I didn’t think possible. I wake up in the morning and my hands are rough and flaky. My face looks like something out of the Thriller video and my skin feels like it is cracking open.

It’s like I’ve stepped into the seventh level of hell and have no way to moisturize!

I was eager and excited to try out a couple of products from Palmer’s (sent for review purposes) to see how they could improve my dry skin issues. The fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a spokesperson said a lot for me, her skin is amazing!

The products I tried were the Daily Skin Therapy and Skin Therapy Oil. Both of these are made with a cocoa butter formula. I have always loved using cocoa butter because it makes my skin feel so soft and delicate. What I wasn’t used to was the way the Daily Skin Therapy lotion smelled.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I seriously wanted to lick my skin after I put it on. It smells amazing, like fresh-baked chocolate. But it doesn’t stop there. The lotion is nice and thick and it rubs in perfectly without any oily/greasy nonsense left behind. My hands and legs feel amazing after I use it but¬†my face isn’t as lucky. I would definitely suggest using this as a body moisturizer but if you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t suggest using it for your face.

Palmer‘s Cocoa Butter Formula – $5.50

Provide deep hydration all over with this velvety soft formula that locks in moisture leaving skin smooth, supple and beautiful!

Loved by Candice Swanepoel, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

The Skin Therapy Oil doesn’t have the same scent as the Daily Skin Therapy. It has a smell reminiscent of baby powder which is kind of weird because I would expect it to smell more like baby oil. Go figure.

Palmer‘s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil – $10.95

Perfect skin with this advanced multi-purpose product for all over the body use that helps to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry and damaged skin, uneven skin tone and fine lines and wrinkles!

I have been using the oil on a daily basis, mainly when I get out of the shower. I have a yucky scar from my gallbladder surgery and the Skin Therapy Oil offers to help with that. I haven’t noticed any changes yet, but I’m not giving up! I am still hesitant about using it on my face even though the label states that as one of its suggested uses. It is formulated to help diminish stretch marks, scars, and uneven skin.

The label on the Skin Therapy Oil states that it is a stain free formula that doesn’t leave an oily residue behind. On first use this could seem misleading since there is, in fact, some oil left behind. This isn’t unusual though and if you’ve ever used any kind of skin oil you’ll understand. The oiliness absorbs and disappears within a couple of minutes and you can see an instant difference. The smell seems to fade away as the oil sinks in.

Both of these products are helping me combat dry skin and I know they’ll be sticking around for the harsh winter weather to come! You can find Palmer’s skin care products on their website.

Splurge vs. Save – Beauty Products Dupes

Tired of spending the big bucks on cosmetics, here are some dupes you might like to try.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($62)

Giorgio Armani - Luminous Silk Foundation NM Beauty Award Winner 2015 - Giorgio Armani
$62.00 – Neiman Marcus

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation ($23)

Max Factor - Skin Luminizer Foundation

Max Factor – Skin Luminizer Foundation – $23.95, 3.99 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ($15)

Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation - 200 Soft Beige (30ml)

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup ($46)

Estee Lauder - Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup - No. 16 Ecru (1N2) 30ml/1oz

Revlon – Colorstay Makeup ($16)

Revlon - Colorstay Makeup 180 Sand Beige 1 oz 24 Hours-Combination to Oily Skin

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($51)

Make Up For Ever - HD Invisible Cover Foundation 118 Flesh 1.01 oz

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation ($15)

NYX - HD Studio Photogenic Foundation
$14.57 – Amazon.com

NYX – HD Studio Photogenic Foundation – $14.57, 5.48 shipping – Available at Amazon.com

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