Softsoap Limited Edition Review

My favorite thing about this time of year? The different smells that bath & body products come in! Softsoap sent some super awesome Limited Edition products for review and Oh Em Gee do they smell amazing!  Parisian Berry Bliss, Alpine Mint Frost, and Venetian Vanilla Spice – how can you resist?! Each of the limited edition scents has a delicious aroma that makes you want to close your eyes and bask in it. That was my experience at least. Especially with the Parisian Berry Bliss.

Each of these limited edition Softsoap varieties has a full on fragrance that will linger long after you get out of the shower. That is my favorite thing about them. Some body washes last only as long as the water is running. Then you hop out of the shower and the smell is gone. Sure you smell clean, but I want a lingering scent when I’m using something as yummy as these.Softsoap-1

The way my skin feels afterwards is another big bonus. I am extremely happy that despite the frigid winter weather we’ve been having my skin isn’t showing any signs of drying or cracking. That is huge for me considering I have dry skin normally. I am pretty stoked about each of these body washes and can definitely recommend you pick some up while they are available. They would make a great stocking stuffer or gift basket filler for a DIY Holiday Gift Basket.

You can learn more about Softsoap on their website. Don’t miss all of the limited edition scents for the different seasons/holidays!

How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket with Gilchrist & Soames

Whether you are racing to find a last minute gift or the perfect present for someone special a personalized gift basket is an awesome choice. They can be put together in a few minutes or a few weeks depending on you. What you put in them is not as important as the fact you took your time to make it. Your blood, sweat, and tears (figuratively…preferably) go into the creation of the perfect gift and that goes a long way.

How to Create the Perfect Gift Basket with Gilchrist & Soames

Now, choosing what to put in your gift basket doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few basics that should help you to get started.

Basics of a DIY Gift Basket

Bath & Body products are perfect gift basket material. Everyone {hopefully} uses them and with such a huge selection to choose from you can add your personal touch. Recently I was introduced to a great source of bath & body products – Gilchrist & Soames. I have seen the brand in a few luxury hotels and fell in love with them immediately. Gilchrist & Soames sent a few sets to help us get inspired for this post and inspire they did!

Gilchrist & Soames

I’m particularly in love with the London Collection Shower Gel/Body Lotion Set. The smell is clean and complex and so intoxicatingly delicious I can’t get enough of it. The shower gel leaves a faint aroma behind while the lotion perfectly accentuates it.

Closely following in favorite status is the Essential Elements Wake-Up Rosemary Shower Gel/Body Lotion set. It is absolutely perfect for this time of year since mint is the predominant smell. The slight hint of rosemary adds a savory afternote that just screams fall. This is my early morning bath & body choice for the energy burst I get from smelling it.

Next up we have the Bee Kind Shower Gel/Body Lotion set which is a splash of citrus with a twist of herbal (fresh lemon verbena fragrance and extracts of honey and certified organic lemongrass and chamomile). It’s another eye-opener that is perfect for morning time when you need a little pick-me-up.

Finally there is the Spa Therapy Shower Gel/Body Lotion Set. Grace fell in love with this one and staked her claim immediately! This set contains Japanese sea fennel and reminds me of a day at the beach. It smells clean and open without being overly scented.

Gilchrist & Soames

Each set comes in an organza gift bag which makes it easy to add to a gift basket. The lotion and shower gel in each set truly compliments each other. They moisturize the skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean while leaving an amazing smell that lasts for hours. You can find even more great collections from Gilchrist & Soames on their website – check it out.

Gift Basket Basics

Now that you have the bath & body items for the basket it is time to fill in the spaces. This can be done with candies, trinkets, gift cards etc… You don’t need to spend a lot on the fillers. I think buying a few wash cloths, rolling them up, and tying them off with a bow would be a great way to bring the package together. Add in a candle that compliments  the smell of the bath & body products and voila – the perfect DIY Gift Basket.