HABA Silicone Molds Review

Holiday baking is a big thing, regardless of skill or really desire. I do not know anyone that doesn’t break out the recipe box at least once during the holidays. I think it is an unspoken fact that desserts baked in fun shapes are better than those cut into boring squares. HABA makes baking exceptionally fun with their Silicone molds. We received 2 of these molds for review and we couldn’t be happier.

Imagine cute Princess inspired brownies or fun Safari themed cupcakes. They are super simple to create with the Silicone molds (along with several other shape options from HABA.) I can think of so many uses for these molds and each of them would come out ridiculously cute. Can you imagine the fun kids would have decorating these? Kind of like a coloring book but with colored icing and candies.

Princess Silicone Cupcake Mold

With winter break coming the kids may be asking for sleepovers and these silicone molds would make a wonderful activity. Not only will they get some yummy treats but with the DIY decorating feel to it they will be entertained. The unisex themes are perfect for co-ed sleepovers or for younger/older siblings who shouldn’t be left out. The DIY decorating shouldn’t be hard or expensive to do at all. You can fill ziploc bags with colored icing and cut off a tiny bit of the corner.

Safari Silicone Cupcake MoldThat will allow for piping the icing. Alternatively you can use paint brushes for a younger group. You can really go all out and offer both options but be prepared for a potential mess and/or sugar hyped up kiddos.

The Silicone molds are exceptionally sturdy which makes moving them around with batter a lot safer than flimsier options. I am not sure if the molds are dishwasher safe, but I have been hand washing them and they are super easy to clean. I have yet to see anything stick which is, as you know, a huge bonus. I can’t think of much worse in the doing dishes world than caked on food that won’t budge.HABA Silicone Molds Review

I’m loving the Haba Silicone Molds we received. They are so cute!! I definitely think they are worth picking up a few and checking out everything HABA offers. They rock for your cute kid stuff needs.

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