Invisible Glass® Review

Invisible Glass® Review

What is your least favorite thing to clean in your home? For me, it’s the windows. I always feel like I clean and clean but the smudges and streaks just laugh at me as they refuse to go away. It wasn’t as bad when we were still in Chicago since there were only 2 windows, but now we have 4, plus glass-top tables and desks.

At first, I was discouraged because that’s a lot of glass to clean. Thankfully the folks from Invisible Glass® sent out some of their products (for review purposes) I realized it might not be that bad.

What is Invisible Glass®?

Invisible Glass Review

Invisible Glass is a glass cleaning product made by the Lancaster County, PA based company, Stoner. It is usable on most glass surfaces in and around the home. Invisible Glass is made with a ClearDry™ formula that results in a clean glass without streaks or haze. Easily remove:

  • oily dirt
  • dust
  • fingerprints
  • sap
  • bugs
  • droppings
  • grease
  • adhesives
  • smudges
  • smoke haze
  • plasticizer film
  • pollutants
  • other difficult grime.

There are no dyes, soaps, or foams used and the product evaporates 100% leaving nothing behind but see-through glass.

Invisible Glass is made with a ClearDry™ formula that results in a clean glass without streaks or haze. There are no dyes, soaps, or foams used and the product evaporates 100% leaving nothing behind but see through glass. Invisible Glass comes equipped with a 22oz trigger pump that lets you spray exactly where you want it.

What do I think of Invisible Glass®?

The day after we moved in I used the Invisible Glass Aerosol Spray to clean the desktop and tabletops. They were pretty yucky between not being cleaned in who knows how long and remnants of a non-emptied charcoal grill spilling on them. I can’t say the Invisible Gass worked miracles because I still had to do a lot of scrubbing to get the glass cleaned, but the after results were pretty impressive.

Invisible Glass Review

Normally when I clean glass there are at least a few streaks left. There were absolutely none left after using Invisible Glass and I find that to be impressive. I looked at the glass from every angle and it truly looked invisible! The product is easy to use and gives great results. I will definitely be choosing this over other glass cleaning products in the future.

Invisible Glass is available at many retailers including Walmart, Dollar General, Target, and There are several options including home glass cleaners, auto glass cleaners, lens wipes, and glass cleaning kits, all at incredibly affordable prices. You can visit the Invisible Glass website to get a full breakdown on product availability.

Here are some helpful tips on getting the most out of Invisible Glass

For glass so clean it’s invisible, use Invisible Glass® with a microfiber or low-lint cotton cloth. Avoid paper towels that contain added softening agents and may cause streaking or haze. Invisible Glass is safe for use on glass, mirrored, chrome, and stainless steel finishes.

In the Bathroom

  • Easily tackle toothpaste splatter, fingerprints, and hairspray build-up on mirrors and shine faucets and fixtures. Use the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool® to clean tall mirrors and glass shower doors.

In the Kitchen

  • Clean and buff stainless steel appliances with Invisible Glass and a microfiber cloth to wipe out fingerprints and smudges.
  • Invisible Glass is perfect for cleaning glass cooktop stoves and won’t scratch the surface.

Around the Home

  • Clean windows and glass doors with Invisible Glass using a top to bottom or side to side motion. A circular method creates static charge attracting dust and dirt to the surface.
  • Tackle your window cleaning on a cloudy day as full sunlight can cause cleaning agents to evaporate on the glass too quickly.
  • Attach the Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool® to any standard extension pole to reach tall windows or mirrors.
What Could a Professional Rug Cleaning Mean for You?

What Could a Professional Rug Cleaning Mean for You?

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes the yearly spring cleaning. So break out the brooms and dust pans and get ready for a professional rug cleaning this year.

Right now is a great time to make a cleaner and healthier home your pledge for 2016, especially after you see the shocking statistics in this infographic from Ahdoot Oriental Rugs.

Ahdoot Oriental Rugs


Does this change the way you think of spring cleaning? Are you worried about what could be hiding in your oriental rugs? I know I am! Just think of what life could be like with perfectly cleaned rugs… I bet breathing would be a lot easier/more satisfying. What a wonderful thought!

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

Now that Tess is gone (she moved back home, sadface) there’s not as much wine drinking going on in the house. That’s not to say there isn’t other alcohol consumption happening or that the occasional cork being popped. Instead of having bottles scared in the fridge and countertops I can now store them in the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. I received the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler for review so now I’m going to tell you more about it.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Features

  • The cooler is 19.00″ tall, 19.50″ wide, 14.00″ long, and it weighs 26 pounds
  • It has three slide-out shelves that hold 12 bottles of wine
  • It uses single zone, thermoelectric cooling which makes it silent
  • There is an illuminating interior LED light (blue)
  • Built-in digital temperature control

What I Like

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review
Aside from the functionality, my favorite feature is the illuminating interior LED light. It’s a gorgeous blue color that bounces off the metal inside to create a wonderful effect.  I love using it as a nightlight and making sure the light is on when I have company.

I also appreciate the size of the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It’s big enough to hold an ample number of bottles (12) while still being able to sit on a counter top or table. I actually turned my island into a beverage bar because of this.

I’m absolutely loving the luxurious design of the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It brings flair into any room and is a great conversation starter. Everyone who goes into my kitchen now comments on the wine cooler.NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

A huge bonus is that this is not specific to wine. Sure, it is a wine cooler but I have been putting other bottles inside and it works wonders. It really helps to have my alcohol at the perfect temperature without having to crowd the refrigerator.

What I Don’t Like

There is absolutely nothing I don’t like about the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. It’s quiet, it’s attractive and it’s affordable. It can hold most bottles that are up to 750ml and the bottom rack is removable for thicker bottles.

Final Thoughts

I think the fact that I cannot find anything negative to mention speaks for itself. I’m absolutely in love. I really like showing it off when people come over! I’m storing my liquors, wine and coffee creamer in the wine cooler and still have room to grow my collection. It really is a well rounded product since it’s not specific to holding wine bottles.

NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler Review

The fact that it is whisper quiet really puts a smile on my face. I also really like the digital display; it’s great for knowing exactly what temperature the beverages will be. Being able to easily set the temperature is a great bonus as well.

If you are looking for a beverage cooling solution then definitely check out the NewAir AW-121E Wine Cooler. The wine cooler is under $200 which is a great bargain in my opinion.

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Fuzzy Bumble Bee Slippers Review – BunnySlippers.Com

Fuzzy Bumble Bee Slippers Review – BunnySlippers.Com


Before I even say anything else I want to show you a picture

Fuzzy Bumble Bee Slippers Review - BunnySlippers.Com

I’m debating on if I need to say anything else because, just, oh my goodness! Tell me these aren’t the cutest slippers you’ve ever seen? They are the most awesome thing I’ve ever put on my feet.

Not only are these super cute, they’re also incredibly comfortable. The pieces of fabric inside make it feel like a massage with each step I take. I actually wore them to the store the other morning and everyone was staring. Sure, at first it might have been because I had my pj’s on, but everyone stopped and asked about my slippers.

Fuzzy Bumble Bee Slippers Review

I was happy to tell them I got them from Bunny

Did you just go to check them out? If not, you really should. They have tons of adorable animal slippers, all with their own little personalities. What’s great is they’re available in kid size and adult size. So the entire family can enjoy the goodness that comes from

If adorably cute animals aren’t your thing (shame on you!) they have other great novelty items as well:

Fuzzy Bumble Bee Slippers Review

  • Star Wars
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • Zombie
  • and even the classic Bunny

I am in total awe of the craftsmanship that went into crafting these slippers. They are cute down to the little noses on the bumble bees. So, let’s look at what these slippers have to offer:

  • Keep the piggies (toes) warm
  • All day comfort
  • Conversation starter
  • Insanely cute
  • Sizes to fit the entire family
  • Did I mention cute and comfortable?

Fuzzy Bumble Bee Slippers ReviewIf you don’t get anything else today, you have to get a pair of slippers from Just look at all of the slippers they have and at great prices! You wont be disappointed when your package arrives.

So, you know you want to shop there, but you should also connect with on Facebook to stay up to date on great deals, new slippers and more.