Have you ever used a beauty product and it smelled so good you just wanted to eat it? That happened to me – totally by accident I swear! I was using the Manuka Honey Facial from Alki Organix (products received for inspirational purposes) and a little got on my lips. Normal people may freak out when a beauty product is ingested but me, I said “Yum!” and licked my lips profusely. Now, before you go calling me crazy let me explain. The ingredients in the Manuka Honey Facial are:

  • Certified Organic Cocos nucifera (Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil)
  • and
  • Leptospermum scoparium mel  (Raw Un-pasteurized, Certified Bio-Active  Manuka Honey)

Everything is organic and 100% ingestible.

Alki Organix

Alki Organix is made from nothing but organic materials. Something else to note is there is no water added to any of the products. That means you’re getting all product and no filler! The line goes to show that you can fulfill all of your beauty routine needs with organic products. Of course not all of them are going to be as yummy as the Manuka Honey Facial. But they are all just as edible. I love saying that anything not directly food is edible. It makes me feel better about putting it on my body.Alki Organix

It was pretty neat using the Manuka Honey Facial mask. I’m used to using clay masks as opposed to stickier bases and I actually prefer the honey. It wasn’t anywhere near as uncomfortable or gross as I thought it would be. Yes, it is sticky but not a waxing “oh my gosh I’m ripping off my face” sticky. It was actually kind of fun rubbing it in, it felt really good and I love pampering myself.

The Balms I received are amazing as well. I have extremely dry skin that gets even drier in the wintertime. I could actually feel my skin soaking in the balms and the softness afterwards was great. I’m not crazy about the Sweet Honey & Chamomile Balm’s smell but it works so it’s bearable. That is just my personal preference though – I don’t like chamomile so take my opinions on that with a grain of salt!

Sweet Honey & Lavender BalmI love using the Sweet Honey & Lavender Balm before bedtime. Anything lavender scented helps relax me and the slight hint of the lavender in this balm is perfect. That’s something else I really like – none of the ingredients are overwhelming. You’ll get a hint of aroma but nothing that is going to give you a headache if you’re sensitive to fragrances.

If you are looking for organic skin care product then definitely head over to Alki Organix. I am in love with their products and the fact that since they are super concentrated they will last a long time. A little definitely goes a long way and the price and quality are wonderful. You can also connect with Alki Organix on Facebook at