Summer is finally here and I’m sure we’re all ready for cold drinks on the beach, sand in our toes, perfect tans, and warm summer nights. But let’s face it, we may sometimes find the hottest days of the year unbearable. From repulsive sweat stains to unforgiving sunburns, hot summer days may be quite the nuisance.

Lucky for you guys, I’ve compiled a list of life hacks that will make your life a bit easier this season. Add these hacks to your summer routine, and let me know if they work for you!

5) Use coffee filters as oil blotting sheets.

Coffee Filter

Ran out of blotting sheets? No problem! Coffee filters and oil blotting papers are actually made of similar materials. Just cut up some coffee filters into smaller squares, and keep them in your purse for whenever your face is feeling oily and sweaty in the summer!

Make sure to pat, not rub, the coffee filter to your problem areas and it’ll pick up the excess oil. Voila! This is such a cheap alternative to purchasing oil blotting sheets. If you don’t have coffee filters, you can also use one sheet of toilet paper (and separating it into two sheets if it’s 2 ply to make it thinner).  

4) Use lip balm, vaseline, or coconut oil to heal razor cuts quickly.

Woman Legs Silhouette With Heels

Summer means shaving every day. With shaving comes those pesky razor cuts. If you end up with a razor cut, don’t freak out! Just dab some of your lip balm or vaseline on the cut and it’ll quickly stop the bleeding. It’ll also soothe the cut and heal it quicker. This is because wax helps to coat the cut, promoting blood  clotting.  It’s also prevents contamination of the cut. If you don’t have lip balm or vaseline handy, using coconut oil works just as well.

3) Prevent sweat stains by placing panty liner under the armpit area of your shirt.

girl in t shirt

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally used to avoid wearing tight short sleeve tops in the summer for fear of sweat stains. However, you can totally avoid those sweat stains by cutting up your panty liner in half horizontally (I know this probably sounds weird, but trust me), and placing them under the armpit part of your shirt from the inside. The liner will absorb the sweat from your armpits and prevent any sweat stains from seeping through your shirt.

2) Smelly shoes? Use tea bags!

Ladies in Running Shoes

Sometimes our shoes can smell a little funky– especially running shoes. Just place 2-3 tea bags in each shoe overnight to eliminate the odor. The odor is caused by moisture and bacteria. The tea bag will absorb the moisture and odor while killing the bacteria, leaving you with deodorized shoes! The great thing about using tea bags is that you can pick whichever flavor you want your shoes to smell like! Another great alternative to tea bags is placing about 1-2 tablespoons of baking powder in each shoe overnight to eliminate the odor. Just make sure to shake out the powder the next day.

1) Freeze Aloe-Vera Gel to soothe sunburns.

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Sometimes we overestimate the power of sunscreen, and somehow end up with a sunburn. Sometimes we just forget to put on the sunscreen altogether. Place some Aloe Vera gel in an ice-cube tray and freeze it overnight. The glycoproteins in Aloe Vera helps to relieve pain and reduce that burning sensation of sunburns. Next time you get a nasty sunburn, soothe it with an Aloe Vera ice cube from your fridge!

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