When it comes to weight loss and health there are far too many products on the market to know which ones work best. With Bulu Box you get several of these items sent to you on a monthly basis. Not only do you get to learn about new products but you get to try them first hand without having to buy the full size item. How many times have you wasted money on something that just wasn’t worth it? I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve done this. I don’t want to.Subscription Box Review: Bulu Box

What’s in the Box

Mestrength – Metabolism is a tricky thing. When you’re on a weight loss venture it can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Mestrength is meant to help with strength and endurance and it helps kick start your metabolism. It has none of the bad stuff (carbs, calories, caffeine…) that other supplements have.

Subscription Box Review- April Bulu Box (1) NeoCell Beauty Bursts – Collagen makes up nearly 30% of the protein content in the human body. It connects and supports skin, bones, muscles etc… So these Beauty Bursts help you with collagen intake which in turn helps keep  your body healthy. It doesn’t hurt that collagen helps prevent wrinkles as well.

KIND Bar Dark Chocolate Chili Almond – I’m in love with KIND Bars. They have tons of health benefits, no gross fillers and are all natural. I was thrilled to see a dark chocolate chili almond bar since I’ve never tried it. It definitely doesn’t disappoint! Just the right blend of sweet and savory with a tinge of spice. Yum!

Subscription Box Review- April Bulu Box (2)Smarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamins – Any lifestyle can benefit from vitamins and SmartyPants are the perfect choice for adults. Not only are they gummies and yummy but they don’t contain aspartame, HFCS, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go – GMO & Gluten free, this is a healthy, portable snack for so many occasions. Lunch in the car, snack on the go – whatever you’re doing – hummus & lentil crackers make a great go-to healthy snack choice.

Subscription Box Review- April Bulu Box WhiteShield: If you’re a coffee drinker then you undoubtedly know about coffee teeth. WhiteShield is designed to prevent the stains that accompany our favorite (and sometimes necessary) morning pick-me-up. Keep your smile white and healthy without sacrificing the cup o’ Joe – love it!

IMG_0275The April Bulu Box if full of great items. Snacks, vitamins and other essentials to getting and staying healthy. Be sure to check out Bulu Box and stay tuned for next months box preview! Bulu Box is affordable, at $10 a month (save with a yearly subscription) and each month you get to try new things.

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