This is my least favorite time of year; when the seasons are fighting for dominance. One day we have gorgeous spring weather and then, out of nowhere, it’s back to being frigid and dismal. It’s right about this time I tend to get sick – a runny nose, scratchy throat, hacking cough. It always seems unavoidable until I remember one letter: C.

Vitamin C is the magical answer according to my grandmother. It supports your immune system and prevents scurvy (because the pirate in you is susceptible). I try to make sure I’m always getting enough vitamins throughout the day. It’s not always easy, though; some days I just don’t want to eat what I should and others I just plain forget.

<queue drum roll, fanfare, fireworks etc…>

Enter Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix.

Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix

Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix (sent to us for editorial inclusion) is naturally flavored and naturally sweetened. It’s packed with goodies (24 nutrients including 1,000 mg of Vitamin C), seven B vitamins (including B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12), antioxidants and minerals (calcium, potassium, quercetin, zinc, sodium, and magnesium.)

There are more than 20 varieties of vitamin supplement drink mixes available. 3 are brand new! We got to try the following flavors:

  • Super Orange
  • Coconut-Pineapple
  • Strawberry-Kiwi
  • Immune+Citrus
  • Berry Medley Warmers

While I’m not a huge fan of the warmers (I’m picky about my warm beverages) I did love the coconut-pineapple. It dissolved very well and had a fresh taste to it. The orange was a bit intense but the Immune+Citrus was refreshing.
Emergen-C Vitamin Drink Mix
What I really love about these vitamin drink mixes is how convenient they are. When I know or suspect I may not be getting the vitamins and minerals elsewhere I can quickly add one to a bottle of water. Having a healthy intake of Vitamin C and other essentials is a great way to support your immune system. I love a product that lets me make the process easier.

To learn more and try Emergen-C for yourself be sure to check out the following links: