The weather outside is frightful…. no, really, it is! The weather here in North Carolina is frigid and I am so over it. I have bought propane three times since November and I don’t need to tell you how expensive that gets.

I found a great alternative to my regular heating habits with Versonel who sent us their 6 Element Portable Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote for editorial consideration. I wasn’t expecting too much from such a little heater but I was blown away the first time I plugged it in and turned it on.

Versonel VSL1500H6E 6 Element Portable Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote

The Versonel VSL1500H6E 6 Element Portable Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote is only 14 x 11.4 x 15 inches but it packs a big punch. Within five minutes of turning it on the living room and kitchen are both starting to get warm. Within 10 minutes blankets are coming off and everyone is feeling toasty warm. We have it sitting about 15 feet from the sofa and we can still feel the direct heat blowing on us.

I thought the *up to 800 square feet* part was a little exaggerated but I was quickly proven wrong. I have a large living room and kitchen and both rooms are warm and cozy when I am using the heater. I’ve had a couple of friends ask me to turn the heat down because they were so warm.

Versonel VSL1500H6E 6 Element Portable Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote

The heater has some neat features you’ll want to take note of. Features like:

  • 3 energy savings settings including an Eco Setting that will heat smaller areas to 68 degrees using only 500 watts
  • Reusable Lifetime Air Filter
  • Child Lock
  • No assembly required
  • Remote included
  • Tip-over Cut-off Switch

The heater is so easy to use that it makes a wonderful gift for all ages. It automatically recycles once it reaches the set temperature so you are not sky rocketing your electric bill. The unit is lightweight so moving it where you need it is effortless. Cosmetically the unit if very appealing with a sleek black case and digital display.

The only negative I can mention is the remote being so small it can be lost. That hasn’t been an issue at all though, so it’s not really negative! I am definitely going to be sticking a piece of Velcro to the back of the remote to prevent it ever getting lost. Even if it does get lost, there are controls on the unit itself. That is a huge bonus for me since, well, I do lose remotes from time to time.

Versonel RemoteI was thinking I would just offset my propane costs with the Versonel, but now I’m thinking I won’t need propane for the rest of the winter. I am really that impressed with this little heater. If you are looking for a way to stay warm this winter Versonel has you covered. This affordable and powerful heater is everything I need to stay warm all winter long. You can buy directly from 3 Gorillas.

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Versonel 6 Element Portable Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote