We don’t all have an hour in the morning to put on our makeup. And unless we’re professional makeup artists, we don’t have the time to become an expert in makeup artistry. Watching beauty gurus pile on 10 different shades onto a tiny eyelid and then trying to replicate that is definitely not worth the sleep lost waking up extra early to do so. And don’t even get me started on contouring. Many of us simply don’t have that extra time or patience in the morning.

However, just because you don’t have enough time in the morning doesn’t mean you have to live with less-than-flawless makeup for the rest of your life. If you still want to up your makeup game in less time, you’ve come to the right place! Over the years of playing around with makeup, I’ve come up with a few minor makeup tricks that make all the difference. Trust me, and you’ll thank me later.

1.) Use blush on lipstick for long-lasting wear. 

We all know that powder is great for setting our makeup to make it last all day. But, having our lipstick last the entire day seems impossible, especially during the summer.

Using a translucent or white powder to set your lipstick results in a faded and dull lip color. However, using blush in a similar hue sets lipstick without changing its color leaving you with a flawless, vibrant lip color that lasts all day!


2.) Comb your lashes from behind with a small, narrow toothed comb.

Eye Lash Comb

I’ve gotten so many compliments on how flawless my lashes look on a daily basis and I can thank my small rat-tail comb! Separating your lashes gives you a more awakened, flirty look.

Just apply your mascara, and let it dry for about 5-10 seconds. Then, while you’re looking down with your eyes, comb your lashes in a downward motion with a small, narrow toothed comb. Essentially, you’re combing your lashes from behind. You only have to comb through your lashes once. By doing this, you’re removing any clumps of mascara which gives the appearance of more lashes. Make sure to comb all of your lashes out (don’t forget your most outer lashes!) to maximize the effect!


3.) Invest in a lighted magnifying mirror for flawless makeup application.

Magnifying beauty mirror

A lighted magnifying mirror is an absolute must have when it comes to applying makeup. When I first got into makeup a few years ago, I would just use my regular vanity mirror to apply makeup up until my mom bought me a large magnifying mirror 2 years ago for Christmas. Ever since, I can’t go back to using regular mirrors. I’m actually so obsessed with my magnifying mirror that I’d probably have a little trouble applying makeup without it.

Using a lighted magnifying mirror allows you to see the finest details even in dim lighting. It ensures you have perfect, even coverage when applying foundation and ensures that your contour looks natural and subtle. Most importantly, applying eyeliner in front of a magnifying mirror has been my long-time secret to getting that perfect line– whether it’s with a pencil liner or liquid liner. My magnifying mirror never fails me! The one I personally use is  7″ Zadro™ Cordless Dual-Sided LED Lighted Vanity Mirror.

I also find that applying makeup in front of a magnifying mirror minimizes cakiness because let’s face it– we’ve all put on too much makeup on at one point or another. After you’re done applying makeup with a magnifying mirror, look into your regular mirror and be prepared to be in absolute awe at how perfect your makeup looks! You’re welcome 😉


4.) Pat on liquid foundation with fingers for even & fuller coverage.

Liquid Foundation

I personally prefer using my fingers when applying liquid foundation. It just gives me the perfect coverage. Just squirt a little bit of product directly to your face in various spots. For example, I like to squirt a little product in 3 spots on each cheek, 1 under each eye, 1 in the chin area, 1 on the nose, and 2 on the forehead. Then pat the foundation until you’ve distributed the product evenly on your face. After this, I like to go over my foundation with a clean damp Beauty Blender by patting it on to make sure my foundation is fully blended and flawless.

Note: Make sure you’re not squirting too much product on your face. Each squirt should be about less than half a pump of liquid foundation!  


5.) Clean up edges of pencil liner by going over it with a thin brush.

Natural Eye Liner Makeup

I love using pencil liner on my upper lash line when I’m going for a more natural, subtle look. I make small strokes until I’m done lining the eye. But sometimes, the line gets a little choppy and uneven because pencil liner doesn’t really apply smoothly to the lid.

So, after you’re done lining your eye with a pencil liner, make sure to go over it with a very thin liner brush to make the line a lot smoother. The liner brush I personally use after applying my pencil liner is the e.l.f Angled Eyeliner Brush (it’s only $3 and works like a charm!)


6.) Place a frosty/white colored eyeshadow/highlighter on inner corners of your eyes to make you look more awake!

Eye Makeup Bright Inner Corner

No matter what makeup look I’m going for, I always make sure to dab a white/cream colored eyeshadow or highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes to make me look like less of a zombie (because who here really gets a full 8 hours of sleep anymore?!) I love doing this whether I’m going for a dramatic smoky eye look, or a “no makeup” makeup look.

During the winter months I love applying a dab of gold on the inner corners of my eye for a more festive look while still making my eyes look more awake!


7.) Using light eyeshadow/highlighter on the center of the lid makes your eyes pop!

Eye Highlighter for Inner Corner

Dabbing a white/light colored eyeshadow or highlighter on the center of the lid after you’ve finished applying your eyeshadow gives your eye more dimension. This results in a more awakened look! This should be the last step of your eye makeup application (right before you apply your liner and mascara!)


8.) Line your waterline with a blue hue liner to make your eyes look more awake!

Urban Decay Blue Mainline Eyeliner

I personally have dark brown eyes, and whenever I feel like doing something subtle to change up my look, I love to apply a blue/sapphire color to my lower waterline (instead of a black color) to give my eyes a shocked look. Adding blue hues to your lower waterline makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter, making your eyes look more awake. You can also try applying this to your upper waterline for an added effect!

This is such a great, subtle way to make your eyes pop, and no one will be able to put their finger on exactly why your eyes look so beautiful! I personally love to use Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the color “Mainline.” Give it a try regardless of what color your eyes are!


9.) Give the illusion of larger eyes with eyeliner!


You can absolutely alter your eye shape with makeup! One way to do this is by using any type of eyeliner on your upper lash line. All you have to do is manipulate the liner according to how wide or close set your eyes are!

If you have:

  1. Close set eyes- don’t bring eyeliner on upper lash line all the way to your inner corner of eye. This will make the space between your eyes appear wider!
  2. Wide set/normal set eyes- bring in eyeliner on upper lash line all the way to the inner corner of your eye. This will make your eyes look closer and give you that doe-eyed look.


10.) After applying your mascara, add an outer lash for a more awakened look!

Simple Natural Makeup Liner

You can manually give yourself a wispy outer lash (without faux lashes!) by flicking the outer edge of your liner (on your upper lash line) up towards where your eyebrow ends. This line should point in the same direction as your lashes and be a little longer than the rest of your actual lashes. This will give you the effect of much larger lashes & eyes!


11.) For a doll like effect, DON’T apply mascara to your roots– only to the ends!

Mascara on Eyelashes

This probably defies a lot of beauty gurus’ suggestions but trust me. If you want that doll like effect, just begin applying volumizing mascara about 2mm from your lash root. Again, only apply mascara to the ends of your upper & lower lashes. This gives the illusion of your lashes looking a lot longer than they actually are!


12.) Eliminate dark under eye circles with orange lipstick!

mac lipsticks orange

If you have really dark under eye circles, dab a bit of orange or salmon lipstick under your eyes before applying your concealer. The orange or salmon color will cancel out the blue/purple tones under your eyes. Doing this is a great alternative if you don’t have orange/salmon concealer. If you have redness under your eyes, opt for a mint green concealer instead!

Easy Makeup tricks that make a difference

If these tips worked for you, make sure to leave a comment telling me which ones you loved most and share this post with your friends! They’ll definitely thank you for it 🙂