With the weather warming up it’s time to find stuff to help us cool down. Zoku is helping us do just that with their ice cream maker and ice ball molds. We recently had the chance to try these out (Zoku provided the products at no charge) and I’m pretty excited about them.

Zoku Ice Cream Maker

The Zoku ice cream maker allows you to whip up a bowl of your favorite frozen teat with little effort. The only downside I’ve noticed is the size. You could probably squeeze two servings out of one bowl – as long as you are willing to share. Since the bowl and ingredients need to be chilled there’s some downtime between making the ice cream. If you’ve got time to make the ice cream ahead or only plan on serving one person the problem is nonexistent.

Don’t worry if you aren’t an ice cream making genius, there’s a recipe and instruction booklet that comes with the Ice Cream Maker!

Zoku ice ball mold

The Zoku Ice Ball molds are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. What makes them so great is the way they melt. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation involving the size of the ice balls versus the size of, say, a regular ice cube or crushed ice. The latter options melt way too fast during the summer. I don’t want watered down drinks!

The ice balls melt a lot slower letting you enjoy your drink to the very end.

Zoku ice ball molds

The Ice Ball molds are super easy to use, just pour water into the little hole at the top. I’m sure you could use juices as well which would be perfect for chilling party punch, dontcha think?

Zoku ice ball

Zoku has a lot of products that are neat and affordable. They add that something extra that you may not even know you’re missing. Check out all their goodies on the Zoku website and be sure to connect on social media for deals, new products, and more.