One of the hardest beauty feats for me is finding a foundation that works for me. Just because something works for Betty, Sue, and Diane doesn’t mean it will work for me. I need more coverage, more resistance, and less glow. I could go on for hours with horror stories from my foundation adventures. Thankfully this isn’t a horror story but more of a happy ending.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum Review

I received a bottle of Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum to try out (for review purposes) and I want to tell you about that experience. Let’s dive in.

The Application

For the purpose of a thorough review I tried three application methods: brush, beauty blender, and fingers. I had the best luck with the brush application and the worst luck with the fingers application. I should note that the only reason I found finger application to be negative was due to the ‘tacky consistency’ of the foundation.

It blended effortless with the brush and with a little effort the beauty blender did well also.

The Coverage & Finish

The Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum claims to be a full coverage foundation. In order for me to agree I had to apply two coats of the foundation. One coat was almost full coverage, but not quite 100%. In order for me to leave the house with a shred of confidence I need 100% full coverage – Rosacea be damned!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum Review

Honestly, I was expecting 2 layers to look ‘caked on’ but thankfully it was a flawless, natural look instead.

The finish started off as what I would consider dewy; after 30 minutes or so that dewiness settled down and moved more towards a slight sheen. Within the hour I had the final result, which was a mostly satin finish which is what I aim for. I’m sure this could be remedied with a setting powder, I just always forget to pick more up when I’m shopping. Note to selfwrite a note to self!

The Lasting Effect

I did not test the 25 hour claim on the makeup as sleeping in makeup gives me the willies. I have worn it for up to 12 hours with mostly positive results.

The foundation claims to be sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof. This holds more truth after the first 30 minutes of application. During that time the foundation is still ‘moist’ but once it has set it stays put (for the most part.) It has been rather humid here during the last few weeks. I guess that comes with the territory when you live on a peninsula. On the worst days I noticed some beading on my forehead. When I wiped it away there was a slight transfer of the foundation. It wasn’t really enough to be noticeable, so no harm there.

One thing that I noticed was after a few hours the foundation seemed to lighten. There was some redness starting to come through after about 6 hours of wear. Luckily it was mostly the cheek area and it just looked like mild flushing. I think a setting powder would really help to prevent this.

The Miscellaneous

Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum Review

The bottle is glass and while I do like that, it doesn’t make getting the product out very easy. A squeeze tube or even a pump (like on the UK versions) would be more appealing for me.

The foundation includes a 20 SPF sunscreen which is muy bueno! I’ve shared my fear of sun exposure before and this really helps.

There is a very light scent to the foundation. It’s not a chemical scent, more like a light floral fragrance. It’s not bad or strong.

The Verdict

I am pretty darn happy with the Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum. It gets the job done and in the middle of the day I have to stop and try to remember if I actually put makeup on. It’s very lightweight, even with two coats applied. It hides my rosacea and helps me feel more confident throughout the day.

The colors seem to match really well, blending in to be barely (if at all) noticeable. I can give this two thumbs up without hesitation. The foundation is available in 10 shades and you can try them on virtually here: http://us.rimmellondon.com/products/face/lasting-finish-25h-foundation-with-comfort-serum. This page will also show you where you can buy your own bottle for under $8.00!