Is it just me or do other people suffer from stuff-itis? You know that thing where no matter how much you try to downsize you find yourself with an abundance of stuff. I can’t seem to keep things from accumulating in my home, and it’s usually random things like makeup, papers and the likes. It makes it very stressful when I get a call or text from someone who is minutes away from my front door.

Lucky for me I received 3 helpful products from United Solutions to review and they are definitely making life easier. And my house more presentable – even at the last minute!

Rough & Rugged Rope Handled Tub

The first thing I received is their Rough & Rugged Rope Handled Tub.

This has saved me on so many occasions, like the most recent where the appraiser came in to take pictures and it looked like a tornado went through the living room. It’s a great size, 19 gallons, so it holds anything I toss in it. The rope handles make it super easy to carry no matter what I put in it.

Uses for the Rough & Rugged Rope Handled Tub:

  • Toy/Game storage
  • Icing down beverages
  • Holding donation items
  • Receptacle for spot clean-ups
  • Road trip storage
  • Bathing pets

So far it seems pretty durable and it’s made from heavyweight material. I wish it was available in more colors as right now they seem to only offer primary red and blue.

Multi-Purpose Utility Tote Caddy

Next up from United Solutions is their Multi-Purpose Utility Tote Caddy. So this is totally awesome and around $9.00. I can’t stress enough how I love multi-purpose use products since they save so much space. This can be used in so many scenarios

Uses for the Multi-Purpose Utility Tote Caddy

  • Create a play tool box for the kiddos (link & instructions coming soon)
  • Get organized for your road trip (link & instructions coming soon)
  • Store your cleaning products to make going from room to room easier
  • Organize your makeup or jewelry
  • Carry nail polish
  • File important papers
  • soooo much more…

These are durable, cheap and handy – what more can I say besides invest in them.

Hands Free Laundry ToteFinally from United Solutions is the Hands Free Laundry Tote. It’s a 1.5 bushel tote with a sturdy strap attached to  make getting the laundry to its destination a breeze. It is made with LDPE resin which helps keep it flexible yet durable.

The Hands Free Laundry Tote lets you carry up to 25 pounds while keeping your hands free to juggle the phone, kids, papers – pretty much anything. There’s even a label so you can easily assign laundry (or whatever you use it for) to anyone/anything. You can get these for around $20.00 each.

Uses for the Hands Free Laundry Tote

  • Carrying laundry
  • Carrying produce
  • Beach carry-all
  • Toy storage

Overall Opinion of United Solutions

3 products, several uses. I can’t think of a downside to anything from United Solutions. Their prices are spot on, if not cheaper than alternatives and the quality is way above average. I’m happy with what I have now and can’t wait to add to the collection. If you’re looking for storage & organization products that  are affordable, multi-functional and durable then United Solutions is the way to go.