Prom is probably the most unforgettable night for every young girl. Many go all out in preparation for prom night by buying expensive dresses, getting their hair and nails done, and renting out a snazzy limo! There are a number of things you need to take care of if you want to look gorgeous. Here you can find a checklist for your prom night, so that you don’t miss any item and look perfectly ready and charming for the night you’ll remember for years.

1. Prom Dress

The first and foremost thing is the selection of a dress. Buying a prom dress can feel challenging as soon as you go through the different styles and designs. There is a wide variety of dresses and colors, which are preferred for prom, and it is important to find out which one is for you. Most of the girls start to look for months in advance to find a perfect dress. If you are confused, and want to see a huge collection of prom dresses, click here at Promdressshop.com.

2. Hairstyle

Your look isn’t until your hair is styled in an intricate pattern mirroring your dress. Girls usually prefer to get their hair done at salons but you can totally do it yourself! Some beautiful hairstyles which are considered signature for prom include loose waves, a braided up-do, or a classic chignon.

3. Makeup

You can adopt different styles of makeup for prom depending on your dress and the look you’re going for. You can use sparkly colors or wear a classic look with simple natural makeup. You may try different ideas that you feel would settle well with your dress and look flawless on you.

4. Shoes

Finding a perfect pair of shoe that goes along with your prom dress can be tricky. You need to pick a color that best suits your dress. If confused, then go for silver, fawn, white or black. Be careful when choosing a pair of heels for your dress if you plan to spend the all night on your feet. For starters, you can view a collection of glamorous shoes here to find yourself a match.

5. Accessories

Adding details to dressing is important for an overall perfect outlook. After you have finalized the dress, matching shoes, hairdo, and makeup, pick out a few accessories that best complement your dress style and personality.  Intricate accessories are usually preferred. You may choose a delicate pendent or a necklace running closely with your neckline.

You will also need to select whether a bag is good to go with the dress or a trendy clutch. The bag you choose shouldn’t overpower your dress and should be capable of holding all of your essentials such as makeup, keys, and cell phone.  If you are going to attend prom and it’s chilly outside, then make sure to grab a  matching shrug or blazer to keep yourself covered.

At the end of the day, you should focus more on enjoying yourself and spending the night with the friends you love.