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Frozen Alaska seafood is one of the most convenient meal solutions I’ve come across since moving to the mid-west. I used to be able to go 10 minutes either way and buy fresh caught seafood. That was one of the benefits of living in a coastal area – there was no lack of fresh seafood. Now I can head to the freezer section and pick up fresh caught seafood and bring it home for dinner. The beauty is I don’t have to wait for it to defrost to cook it!

Frozen Alaskan Seafood

One thing I look for when I’m shopping for frozen seafood is some sign that the seafood was wild caught (Alaska preferred.)

Why Alaska?

The natural environment and cold waters yield to a lean flesh, firm texture, and superior flavor for seafood. This seafood is full of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and oils essential to good health. Alaska preserves much of the fresh catch immediately after it leaves the icy water by rapidly chilling the catch, then commercially flash freezing at well below zero, ensuring Alaska seafood is kept at the peak of freshness locking in the best quality and flavor. Nearly 60% of all seafood harvested in the U.S. comes from Alaska so that should tell you something!

There are many ways to cook frozen seafood and you can get the inside tips on each of those from the Alaska Seafood website. They all start the same way – rinsing off any glaze from the seafood.

Frozen Alaskan Seafood Pollock Curry

I used the roasting method to prepare this Pollock Curry that is just so wonderful. Pollock is a lot like cod and doesn’t have that overly fishy taste or smell. It’s also one of the cheaper seafoods you can buy and very versatile. Here’s my recipe.

Curry Pollock


Frozen Alaskan Seafood Pollock Curry

I don’t think it could be much easier to enjoy a delicious meal with frozen seafood. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on this meal and no one is any wiser to the seafood being frozen! But if they knew that would be okay too since frozen Alaska seafood not only lets me prepare a healthy meal without having to plan it also means I can keep seafood on hand all year-round!

If you’re looking for help preparing frozen seafood you can check for a ASMI free cooking demonstration being held at more than 600 grocery stores nationwide throughout the month of October. Type in your city name and can look up demos in your local area.