There are two things I don’t hate about living on the Eastern Shore. Well there’s more than that but these are my favorite two: fresh produce and seafood. There hasn’t been any place I’ve visited that could compare.

Fresh peaches are Oh Em Gee amazing and I just had to do something with the ones I had. What I came up with was this Peach Moscato Salmon, or drunken peach salmon, whatever you want to call it is fine by me. It all started with a bottle of Pink Moscato and fresh peaches.

I pitted and cored two peaches and put them in a preheated pan. I poured Pink Moscato over the peaches, making sure the halves were filled.
Peach Moscato Salmon

I let the peaches and wine cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Then I sliced the peach halves into smaller wedges and turned the heat up to medium high. I let it come to a boil for 2 minutes then reduced the heat back to medium.

I added the salmon (which i seasoned lightly with salt and pepper) to the pan and covered it to let it steam for about 6 minutes.

Salmon should be cooked to 145º internally.

This is what happened.


After that it was just putting the salmon on a plate, topping with the thickened sauce and some peach wedges. Then it’s time to enjoy the tender, flaky goodness that is Peach Moscato Salmon!

Drunken Peach Salmon

The sauce is enough for 2 decent size salmon fillets and can be doubled easily. Do you think you would enjoy this peach moscato salmon?

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Peach Moscato Salmon