The 4th of July is quickly coming and this Patriotic Nail Art tutorial will be perfect for your day and evening out! You shouldn’t have a problem finding the specific colors and tools at your local Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, etc..

Patriotic Nail Art

What you need:

  • Red nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • White nail art polish
  • Black nail art polish
  • Silver sparkle nail art polish
  • Nail art dotting tool



Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

Paint every other nail two coats of blue or red. (For this tutorial, the thumb, middle and pinky fingers are red and the pointer and ring fingers are blue.) Let dry.



Patriotic Nail Art Thumb

Starting from the nail tip, use the dotting tool to make a row of blue dots. Make the next row white. Make the rest of the rows blue.



Patriotic Nail Art Pointer

Paint the tip of the nail with the silver sparkles. Let dry a bit then go over where you ended the sparkles with a line of white. Let it dry again for a few minutes. Using your dotting tool, go over the white line with red dots.



Patriotic Nail Art Middle Finger

Paint a rectangle in the corner using the white. Let dry a bit then line around it with black. Draw lines for the flag’s stripes. Using the dotting tool, make blue dots where the stars would go on a flag.



Patriotic Nail Art Ring Finger

Using the white, freehand draw a star and color it in. Let dry for a few minutes. Go over the edges of the star with the silver sparkles.



Patriotic Nail Art Pinky

Paint the tip of the nail blue and let dry. Make stripes with the white and let dry. Add a line of silver sparkles where the blue and red meet.

Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial

If desired, add a clear coat of polish to nails after they have dried. Enjoy your gorgeous Patriotic Nail Art and show it off with pride!


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Patriotic Nail Art Tutorial