Nature Valley Nut Bars

What kind of snacking do you generally do? Do you grab the first thing you see or do you go the extra mile to find a gluten free / simple ingredients snacking option?

If I’m being honest I’d have to say I go for the first thing I see, especially if I’m heading out the door.

Chips, cookies, and ice cream beware!

I do realize my snacking habits aren’t the best and I do take steps to improve them. Steps like distancing myself from the unhealthy snacking options. I’ll put them on top shelves, tuck them way back in the freezer, and even bribe other people to hide them from me. Yea I normally bribe them to give them back, but it’s the thought that counts!

Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars

Another thing I do is make sure I buy healthy snacking options and have them in a place I can easily get to. Fruits, veggies, and bars full of yummy and nutritious ingredients.

When I’m on the go, especially in the car, I like to have something to snack on. My go-to snack of choice lately is Nature Valley Nut Bars. I’m crazy for the Almond Cashew Sea Salt bars. They are Oh-Em-Gee good!

Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars

Besides the flavor, what makes Nature Valley Nut Bars so great is their simple ingredients and the fact that they are gluten free. They are packed with protein so I stay fueled and full and I don’t feel guilty for indulging! #simplesnacking is the best snacking!

Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars

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Nature Valley Nut Bars

Nature Valley Simple Nut Bars