UntitledHave you ever looked at a room and realized there was something missing, you just couldn’t figure out what? That happened from the time I moved into my apartment and got everything situated. I live simple, I don’t have a lot of extras or clutter and that’s how I like it. But there was just something missing in my living room. When I received my new Mysterio Jute Rug from NaturalAreaRugs.com I finally realized what was missing.

Mysterio Jute Rug

First things first – this rug is heavy. It’s definitely made to last.

My favorite thing about the weight of the Mysterio Jute Rug is that it doesn’t curl. Have you ever bought a new area rug only to have it curl at the edges if it wasn’t tacked down? I love that right out of the package the Mysterio Jute Rug laid flat wherever I placed it. No hardware required.

The next thing I noticed about the Mysterio Jute Rug was the backing.Mysterio Jute Rug It is durable and well placed unlike cheap rugs where the backing starts peeling off immediately. There was no sign of distress or fraying which is a positive sign. Everything was intact – the same goes for the main part of the rug too. I actually did a close up inspection to check for bare spots, frays etc.. Just so I could give a thorough review and I couldn’t find one negative thing going on with this rug.

The rug is all natural, made from  80% Jute and 20% Cotton which makes it Earth friendly. It has a very unique yet modern design that would fit into most room themes. The neutral colors help make that possible.

Mysterio Jute Rug

I absolutely adore how the Mysterio Jute Rug takes my living room to a whole new level. It’s like it was made for this room! It’s super soft and feels amazing when I walk around on it barefoot. I just want to wiggle my toes on it constantly.

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