Coffee is like oxygen for me. Without it I would simply die; well I’d be as good as dead. I love trying new blends, new creamers and most of all new brewers. The recent addition has been the Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker and Hot Shot Station.  It’s a pretty awesome addition if I do say so myself. I received this for review but that doesn’t affect my opinion.
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Not only does this coffeemaker brew up your cup of Joe, but it also gives you hot water. I love that this is the perfect morning beverage station. You have your coffee and hot water on demand for tea, oatmeal, or hot chocolate. So handy and each sections has its own water reservoir so it can really do 2 things at once!

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The basket uses your typical flat bottomed filters. The carafe and reservoir hold up to 12 cups of liquid and the Hot Shot Station holds up to 16 fluid ounces, or 2 cups.

The Mr. Coffee coffeemaker is programmable with a button to delay brewing and to clean the machine. You can set the brew timer up to 24 hours in advance, which is super handy for those of us forgetful souls.

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I love the concept of the Mr Coffee Coffeemaker + Hot Shot Station but there are a couple things that I’m not so crazy about. The first being the time it takes to brew a full pot; 15 minutes. It would be awesome if the Hot Shot Station was able to use some kind of K-Cup or reusable pod for a quick, single cup of coffee. The timer isn’t as important for those who only drink coffee in the  morning. You can program it to brew while you’re still sleeping. It stays on for 2 hours.

That’s another thing I’m not so thrilled with. Most of my older coffeemakers stayed on for 4 hours. This one only stays on for 2. I could make half a pot and have no leftover coffee, but what if I want more?!

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I can definitely recommend the Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker & Hot Shot Station. It’s something the entire family can get use from and the attractive design will lend a modern look to your kitchen, office or dorm room.

Mister Coffee Review


The Mr Coffee Coffeemaker + Hot Shot Station retails at around $66.00 from the Mr. Coffee website and mass retailers everywhere

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