Untitled What do you need to get your motor running in the morning? Me – I need a big cup of coffee and perhaps some bacon. Kicking Horse Coffee Review (4) Coffee is a must, bacon is just a nice treat.  In case you weren’t aware, not all coffee is created equal. Some are dark, some are light and some are just blech. There isn’t much worse than blech coffee in the a.m. but maybe that’s just me. Kicking Horse Coffee Review Since there are no coffee shops with decent coffee for miles I have no option but to brew my coffee at home. I was thrilled to receive a container of Kicking Horse Coffee to review. I’m an unofficial, self-proclaimed coffee aficionado so I love trying new blends. The Kick A$$ blend from Kicking Horse immediately went into the grinder and then into my single cup brewer. Kicking Horse Coffee Review (3) The Kick A$$ Blend is stronger than I normally drink my coffee, but it is also smooth. There’s a mild smokiness to the coffee which I really enjoyed. In fact I found myself using only half of the creamer I normally use. Of course I had to eat a bean (Kicking Horse Coffee is only available in whole bean form) to get a feel for the coffee. Boy! If you need a quick jolt in the morning eat a few of these beans! Kicking Horse Coffee Review (2) The sweet smokiness definitely comes through in the beans. And brewing it smells amazing. The Kicking Horse coffee has a beautiful aroma and it’s the perfect scent to wake up to in the morning. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Kicking Horse Coffee. The freshness and the delicious flavor make this a must have staple for me. Be sure to check out the Kick A$$ blend as well as the other great items available from Kicking Horse.

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