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Holiday traditions vary from family to family and each one has a special origin. Whether it is roasting chestnuts on an open fire or rocking around the Christmas tree (maybe I’ve overdone it on Christmas music this weekend?!) the traditions are passed on from generation to generation. What tradition do you keep in your family? I have a family tradition that has been around as long as I can remember – while this is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.Holiday Traditions with Joe Boxer

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. It started when I was a kid and we’d go to my Granny’s house and have Christmas morning at our house. As we grew older the tradition continued and while we have dinner on Christmas day, Christmas Eve is when we open presents and do our celebrating. We usually start around 6 p.m. and there is one thing we do every year – we each get a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas morning.My favorite pair of pj’s to date were from around 1992. They had a candy cane design and a butt flap. I think the butt flap is the reason they were and still are my favorite. They were just too funny! This year I have a new pair of Joe Boxer pajamas that I’ll be wearing Christmas morning. I have already packed them in my suitcase to make sure I do not forget them.Holiday TraditionsI really cannot wait to see what kind of pajamas everyone else will be wearing. Heck, they could be naked as far as I care because this will be the first time I see my family in a while. I didn’t get to spend Christmas with them last year so this year is even more special.

Back to Joe Boxer though – they have always been my favorite brand for pajamas. My family shares the passion because even back when, we always wore Joe Boxer. The designs are so fun and they have little things, like the butt flaps. They are the pajama brand of choice for us, what about you?!Holiday Traditions with Joe Boxer 1

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Joe Boxer available at Kmart.