While spring may seem like a time to flaunt just florals and pastels, this is not always the case. Every year, the runway is packed with a myriad of different looks and trends to choose from. It is always a good idea to break away from monotonous fashion and opt for something different. 

Spring and summer of 2015 will be quirky, spontaneous, and elegant when it comes to evening wear, with the following trends highlighting the season:

Boho Chic Dresses

fashion_trendFor spring of 2015, ditch the vintage fitted dresses and choose a bohemian style dress that fits loosely and gracefully. The flair of a bohemian dress is perfect for a soiree on a hot summery evening.

Chiffons, nets, and pure silk fabrics can be a pleasant alternative to heavy silks and brocades. Opt for a discreet sequined detail or an embossed fabric for a pleasant look; you can leave out any embellishment for a purely boho-chic look. This summer, bohemian dresses were seen on runway shows of fashion giants like Vera Wang and Valentino.

Minimal but Stunning Accessories

For 2015, less is more when it comes to formal wear, and the same rule applies to accessories. A few stunning pieces of jewelry that will add vibrancy to any evening look this season.

One of the trending accessories is colored diamonds for a quirky and different look. Front Jewelers points out that blue colored diamond rings are among the most popular types of diamond rings. The clarity and fire of such a color can symbolize commitment and love in every glittering facet, and the stones are often cut and polished to show their inner fire.

Bejeweled Belts

Add a statement belt to your regular dress this season to make it look like a million dollars. Not only does a belt improve your silhouette by a mile, it makes the overall look more fun and appealing.

You can opt for a stunning crystal encrusted belt to add some sparkle to a boring dress or you can add a leather belt to a formal dress for a fun element. The cinched waist look is not just limited to belts; you can pair a cropped top with a full length skirt for a completely different look. Although this midriff baring look is not everyone’s cup of tea, it can be quite a stunner on a summer evening.

Florals with a Twist

monochrome flower print

They might be the most clichéd trend in fashion history, but spring is incomplete without a floral element. This year, the flower power can be incorporated into your evening wear as a monochrome flower print or embroidered detail.

Floral prints look equally appealing (if not more) in black and white and it also adds an interesting twist to a boring outfit. Apart from flowers, paisleys can also add a different element to an evening dress if incorporated properly. Oversized floral details have been noticed on the 2015 spring summer runways of labels like Miu Miu and Carolina Herrera.

Choose a Shorter Silhouette

If the loose bohemian silhouette is not your piece of cake, you can go for a shorter dress for the evening. This is a more interesting option than the long, fitted oscar-style gowns. The shorter silhouette looks classy if kept to knee-length and with a peplum style shape below the waistline.

Fresh color choices for shorter evening dresses are white, yellow, and shades of blue. Avoid colors like red, brown, and black for the warmer season. Hues of metallic colors like gold are also making a comeback. The shorter silhouette works best when it is kept simple with minimal accessories and embellishment.

This cheat sheet for the coming spring season is simple yet contemporary, but you can always mix and match trends to suit your own personal style.