UntitledIf you’re like me and love chips but not the calories you’re going to love what I’m about to tell you about. Food Should Taste Good has some incredibly delicious alternatives to the traditional potato chip. Like their Kettle Corn Tortilla Chips and their multitude of Sweet Potato Chips flavors. My favorite is the Salt & Vinegar.

Food Should Taste Good Review

The kids chose their favorites too – Hector prefers the Salt & Pepper Sweet Potato Chips while Kaylee loves the Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips.

Food Should Taste Good Review

There are so many great things about Food Should Taste Good chips. The first being the ingredients – not only are they pronounceable but they’re recognizable too. There’s not a long list to read through.

What I really love about the Sweet Potato Chips is the amount of vitamins in them. 80% daily values of Vitamin A! Vitamin A helps with immune function, vision, reproduction, and cellular communication. It’s also vital for vision and cell growth. Go Vitamin A!

Sweet potatoes have more nutritional value overall, and that’s why I’m going to be sticking to Food Should Taste Good chips as opposed to those made with white potatoes. Food Should Taste Good ReviewThe crispness and thickness of these chips is unbeatable. They hold up perfectly when dipping. I know you’ve been there; you dip a regular chip and it crumbles and/or breaks off into the dip. Then you have to go fishing around to get the pieces out. You wont have to do any fishing with these!

The flavors on the chips are so bold and vibrant. I think even those who aren’t sweet potato fans would fall in love. I can highly recommend Food Should Taste Good as a healthier snacking option. Especially for you chip junkies like me! Be sure to check them out and connect with Food Should Taste Good on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Happy Snacking!