When it comes to my skin I like to have a set routine. I find it easier to stick to a regimen when everything I need is on hand. That is why I am loving the Eve Lom set I received for this review. The Daily Collection Set (2014) has everything you need to recreate a pampering spa day in your home. The best part is it all comes inside a sturdy box that makes travelling with it effortless.

Eve Lom Daily Collection Set

The Daily Collection Set contains the following products:

  • Cleanser (50ml)
  • Morning Time Cleanser (50ml)
  • Rescue Mask (15ml)
  • Kiss Mix (7ml)
  • Muslin Cloth

My favorite thing about this set is that it is a “Get Up and Go” set. So many skin regimens focus on a nighttime routine. It is nice to have something to help motivate me in the mornings and the morning time cleanser has done that. I look forward to waking up just so I can wash my face with this stuff. For me having a morning time routine is necessary to get me moving. Otherwise I kind of stare blankly and have a heck of a time getting on track.Eve Lom Daily Collection Set  (1)

The Kiss Mix is probably my favorite thing in the set. I’m loving the cooling effect that I can only attribute to a hint of menthol. It keeps my lips kissably soft and ready for winter. Everything in the set is fantastic. I am not crazy over the smell of the Morning Time Cleanser but it does such an amazing job. When I have 20ish minutes to spare I follow the cleanser with the Rescue Mask which makes my skin feel amazing. I can’t even really describe it, but amazing comes close.

At night I try to religiously use the Eve Lom Cleanser with the included Muslin Cloth. It is a little much to keep applying the cloth but I totally get why it is recommended. My makeup is gone and I can watch my pores as they are opening to let out all of the yuckies and closing to keep more yuckies from getting in. It is amazing and yes, it is love!Eve Lom Daily Collection Set

The Daily Collection Set is available from the Eve Lom website. It is a wonderful gift for the beauty aficionado in your life and for yourself! It retails at $80 which may seem steep, but with the awards and recognition Eve Lom has been awarded I find the cost well worth it.

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