I’m not a materialistic person by any means but my camera is an extension of my soul. It doesn’t matter if I’m going across country or across the street it is always with me. I have a few camera accessories that accompany my baby; an extra lens, lens pen, charger and spare battery.

Confession: I am guilty of keeping my camera accessories in my purse because my old camera bag is so ugly. Seriously, there is nothing attractive about that old square, flat black bag.

Epiphanie Fuchsia Clover Camera + Laptop BagI received a gorgeous camera bag from Epiphanie (for review purposes) just in time for my New Orleans trip. It’s the Clover Camera + Laptop Bag, but it’s currently out of stock.

There are so many highlightable features of this bag. First the design is great; feminine, chic and a removable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is padded so it’s extra comfortable even when the bag is heavily weighed down. Speaking of which – the straps are incredibly durable – at no time have I felt any give, even when the Epiphanie Fuchsia Clover Camera + Laptop Bag is at full capacity.

I’m a fan of the braided hand straps, they add personality and a bit of flair that makes me tingly inside.

Epiphanie Fuchsia Clover Camera + Laptop Bag

What I really love most about the Clover Camera + Laptop Bag is the space inside. It’s a large bag but not obscenely huge. It has several dividers that each come out and can be repositioned as necessary.

Epiphanie Fuchsia Clover Camera Bag

I love this for being able to keep my lens hood attached to the lens that’s still attached to the body! I can move the dividers to make sure they fit snuggly around my camera. Since I’ve been using the bag I feel satisfied that my camera and lenses are protected.

Isn’t that what you should come away from when considering camera bags?

There is a ton of room in the bag which makes it ideal as a carry-on. I had no problem fitting it under the seat in front of me and if I was thinking before hand I would have thrown an outfit or 2 in it. There was enough room and it would have helped since the airline lost our luggage; ugh!

The inside is so soft and squishy I kind of want to shrink to nap in it. There’s an interior zippered pocket – great for spare cash or holding your cards.

The Epiphanie  Clover Camera + Laptop Bag can easily hold your photography gear, laptop, iPad, phone, accessories and more. There’s tons of wiggle room inside.

The Downside

There is one thing I’ve noticed that while it doesn’t affect the safety of my equipment it does deserve to be talked about. Epiphanie uses synthetic leather instead of real leather. This may be the cause of the chipping/peeling I’m seeing on the bag.

Epiphanie Fuchsia Clover Camera + Laptop Bag peelingThere are a few places that look like scuff marks after getting off the plane. Of course the guy with the window seat kept kicking everything under the seat whenever he went to the bathroom so that may have caused the marks. Again, this doesn’t affect the functionality of the bag, only the aesthetics. I’m thinking a DIY project is in store to fix the bag because I really do love it.

In the bag at any moment I have:

  • Canon Rebel T4i with attached 50mm macro lens & hood
  • Battery charger & spare battery
  • iPad
  • Extra shirt
  • Makeup bag
  • My wallet
  • Card reader
  • Random odds & ends
  • Spare lens (not pictured as it’s on loan to a friend)

Aside from the aesthetic flaws that are minor in comparison to functionality, I do believe what Epiphanie and I have is love. They have came up with the ideal solution for those of us craving something great for our photography equipment (and portable electronics!) Head over and check out everything Epiphanie has to offer in lieu of camera bags and then come back and enter to win a bag for yourself!

Be sure to connect with Epiphanie for the latest bags and great deals!


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