UntitledWhen it comes to snack food  I want something that’s going to satisfy me and not filled with empty calories. Fruits, nuts, veggies are great but sometimes I want more; I want sweet but not processed.

Element Bars Review

Know what I mean?

Element Bars sent me 4 of their flavors for this Element Bars review and they were just what I was looking for. They are not only delicious they are all natural and organic too! That means a lot to me. Being able to eat something and not worry about pronouncing something on the ingredients label.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the package was the freshness. The Element Bars were firm but not tooth-breaking hard. The Chocolate Cherry was my very first Element Bar and it was such a nice start. The addition of peanut butter made the bar soft and chewy and let me eager to compare the other bars. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try the Almond Sunrise, Scott devoured that raving the entire time. He was telling me the different flavors with each bite, I got a kick out of how much he was enjoying the bar.

Element Bars Review

We need to buy more of these. A lot more of these.

Those were his words after he finished off the bar. The other 2 flavors we tried, Autumn Blueberry & Datey Divine, were just as wonderful. I’ve been telling everyone about Element Bars.

Element Bars Review

By far the neatest aspect of the Element Bars website is the ability to customize your own bars. That’s right, you decide what you want in your bar and they will build it. I have never seen a company do that before and am so thrilled to have found them.

Of the 4 Element Bars I received, the Chocolate Cherry was my absolute favorite; Scott’s was the Almond Sunrise. It is hard to pick a favorite since each bar was so unique, fresh and tasty. I can’t wait to make our own bars and try new combinations. You should check them out if you’re looking for a healthy, wholesome snack that the entire family will enjoy.

Element Bars Review

The taste, the texture…everything about these Element Bars are great. You really have to check them out!

Visit the Element Bars website and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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