So, one of the main things I’m asked about my trip to New Orleans is “What did you eat?” The short answer is “EVERYTHING!!!” The long answer is a little more in depth but sadly I don’t have many photos to go along with my glorious food escapades in New Orleans.

What to  Eat in  New Orleans

Maybe it was the excitement or maybe it was my rumbling tummy but I barely thought to take pictures of the food we ate; heck I barely thought to chew the food we ate.

There were a few moments of clarity where I thought “Hmmm… I should take a picture.” There were other moments Tess would ask “Don’t you want to take a picture” and there were only crumbs left.

I can’t tell you how many times I met her eye with a mouthful of food, crumbs and/or sauce on my chin and said “Ooops.”

What to Eat in New Orleans

Olde NOLA Cookery

I did take picture our first night in New Orleans, which was also my birthday (Hello 33!) We ate at a restaurant on Bourbon Street, Olde NOLA Cookery that happened to catch my eye. I’d like to think it was something magical calling me there but it was probably the shin splints from walking 12 blocks 15 minutes after getting off the plane. It was crazy busy inside (as were all of the other restaurants.

Typical Friday night on Bourbon Street?

Jambalaya Chicken FettucciniWe were led upstairs and we ordered. I got the Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo while Tess ordered the Cajun Jambalaya Pasta and a bowl of Seafood Gumbo.  The food came quick considering the restaurant was packed. Everything was superbly delicious and a great birthday dinner.

The check was a little high but, again, I’m guessing that’s typical of Bourbon Street.

New Orleans Good Friends Separator

Another thing I want to mention is this incredible ice cream drink we got from a bar named Good Friends. It was recommended to us on the Bus Tour and I am so glad we went. In full disclosure Good Friends is a gay bar, but totally laid back and mellow.

Good Friends Separator

They have a drink called the Separator which is vanilla ice cream, coffee liqueur and brandy.   So, so so very good and perfect for when you’re starting to overheat as I was. The Separator and Good Friends are a must if you find yourself in the area (740 Dauphine Street). The staff is super friendly as well and they can make pretty much anything you like.

After leaving Good Friends we realized we were  hungry {again}. We started asking for recommendations from the locals and made it clear we wanted to eat where they eat. We wanted to eat like a local at least once while we were in New Orleans!

Gene's Po-Boys

We were sent to a shop in the Seventh Ward named Gene’s Po-Boys, which was perfect since neither of us had ever actually had a Po-Boy. We got there and while the building is far from fancy it had a quaint, homey feel to it. I could see why it would be a local favorite.

There were a handful of people inside and when asking why they chose Gene’s they all let us know they were the best Po-Boys around. Not to mention the bonus of a free drink! The lady taking our order wasn’t the friendliest of people, but she may have been annoyed with all of our questions. Either way we got our food and went home to eat.

Gene's Po-Boys Roast Beef Po-BoyI ordered the Roast Beef Po-Boy while Tess opted for the Spicy Sausage Po-Boy. Mine came with gravy and they both came with meat spilling out – but in a good way. A delicious sloppy mess of meat and toppings stuffed in an out of this world roll.

There are so many places to eat that it’s hard to choose just where to eat in New Orleans. I did get a lot of recommendations so I’m going to pass them on to you.

  • Arnaud’s Restaurant at 813 Bienville St.
  • Court of Two Sisters (check out their jazz brunch buffet!) at 613 Royal St.
  • Ralph & Kacoo’s at 519 Toulouse St.
  • Remoulade Restaurant (right on Bourbon St.) at 309 Bourbon St.
  • Red Fish Grill at 115 Bourbon St.
  • Roux on Orleans Restaurant at 717 Orleans Street
  • Tableau Restaurant at 616 St. Peters
  • The Crazy Lobster at 500 Port of New Orleans Pl. Ste 83
  • May Bailey’s Bar at 414 Dauphine St.
  • Patrick’s Bar Vin in Hotel Mazarin at 730 Bienville St.

Do you have a favorite place to eat in New Orleans?