How often do you rely on boxed meals to aid you through the dinner making process? True, they can make things a lot easier but the fact is not all boxed meal kits are created equal. In fact not many of them are designed for healthy cooking.

Enter cooksimple™cooksimple

Based in Montana, cooksimple™ has been around since 2008, originally as The Healthy Pantry, founded by Keith Lauver. Lauver wanted to build a sustainable and healthy eating lifestyle so he worked with renowned chef (and nutrition consultant) Tony Sobiech. From this partnership cooksimple™ was born. Their mission is to make an impactful difference in reshaping the way we eat. 

cooksimple™ currently offers consumers 10 varieties of healthy meals. Each box includes easy to follow directions as well as a handy shopping list. Something I really appreciate when it comes to the shopping list is the versatility on which meats (or non meats) you use. Chicken, turkey, ground beef and tofu are often interchangeable. This makes them ideal for healthy vegetarian diets.

cooksimple™ meal starters are certified Non-GMO and certified Gluten Free. The kits contain only nutritious, high quality, organic ingredients – nothing artificial and no preservatives


I had the chance to try all 10 varieties cooksimple™ offers. My personal favorite was the Skillet Lasagna. All I had to add was ground turkey, a can of crushed tomatoes and water. Everything else was taken care of!


The Tamale Pie was my second favorite. It was probably the most fun of the bunch. It may not have been the prettiest dish, but it tasted amazing. The spice/bean blend was spot on. The tamale topping was delish. No corn husks needed! IMG_0372

I’m so happy to have found cooksimple™. Gone are the days of having to think outside the box for dinner. Now it’s all about thinking inside the box. That’s all it takes for a quick, well balanced, healthy meal! What’s not to love?!

You can find cooksimple™ meal kits in over 4,000 retailers nationwide. You can also shop for them online.

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