When I wake up there are two things on my agenda: coffee and the bathroom. Not always in that order but one things for certain and that is I need my morning caffeine to get me going.

Community Coffee

So the Community Coffee Company recently sent over (for review) three of their blends: Breakfast Blend, Golden Caramel, and Pumpkin Praline. Needless to say they are my new BFF’s because these coffees are (excuse the expletives) freaking awesome man!

As you may already know I’m a little guy fan and family owned businesses fit into that category for me. Therefore, Community Coffee is on my radar of awesomeness for more than one reason. But back to the coffee, this is a review after all!

The Breakfast Blend is on par with your typical coffee, it has a smooth taste that is just right for your first cup(s) of the day. It’s not overly bitter so if you drink it black/plain you’re in for a treat. It tastes fresh even though what I sampled was already ground, which is an added bonus.

But then there are the others… flavored coffees that hit me right in the feels! Pumpkin Praline is one of their limited time special blends. When you open the bag it smells like fall and Thanksgiving and Grandma’s kitchen all wrapped together with a pretty, ornate bow. This is a sweeter coffee so it may not be right for everyone but for me it was spot on. I love the hint of spice that lingers after you take a sip, it’s perfect for the pumpkin spice protesters and lovers alike.

The Golden Caramel is my absolute favorite. It has a smooth base with a slightly rich undertone. It reminds me of a fall night at the fair with family and friends. It’s great for giving you those warm, tingly nostalgic feelings. Something familiar but not overpowering. I love using this one for my iced coffee.

Community Coffee Iced Coffee

This will probably make you think I’m crazy, but even in the winter I love iced coffee. I crave it throughout the day and going out to get one gets expensive. So, I make a big jug of it at home and enjoy it for days. I do this with Community Coffee and it is so good, SO GOOD! It’s really easy to make too, and there’s no fancy gadgetry required.

How to Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Get a large pitcher and mix together ground coffee and water. The general rule is to use 1 cup more water than coffee. So, if you use 1 cup of coffee you’ll use 2 cups of water. You can adjust this according to your taste preference (more water for a weaker blend, more coffee for a stronger blend.) Be careful though!

Whisk the coffee and water for about 4 minutes and refrigerate for at least 6 hours, but no more than 12.

Strain the coffee through a filter into a larger pitcher. Take your time with this process and repeat if you feel you missed some grounds.

I like to add milk and sugar to my iced coffee immediately, but you can do it by the glass if you prefer. Experiment with flavoring syrups and different flavored coffees. Go wild with it! Now that you know how easy it is to make iced coffee at home the world is your oyster.

Cold Brewed Coffee

Be sure to visit the Community Coffee website for all of their selections of coffees, teas, single serves, and more! Right now you can get free shipping if your order totals more than $20 so don’t miss out on that great deal!