I have hard water stains on my sink and they drive me crazy! I love the shine of a porcelain sink but what good does that do when my porcelain is covered in stains and doesn’t shine? No good at all! In fact it makes me crazy! So I asked around, well first I tried a ton of other products and $20.00 down the drain later,

I asked around.

My husband and I even talked out replacing the sink, glad I didn’t do that.  It turns out there is a product that is made just for problems like this. It is called Zud and so far I have only been able to find it at Ace Hardware. I’m sure you could purchase it online if you don’t have an Ace near you.  All I know is after many attempts failing I decided to try it, what did I have to lose right?

Check out my sink before I tried the Zud but after I tried many other products that shall remain nameless, for now

 Cleaning Porcelain stains with ZUD

Do you see that eye sore all around the spigot? I can’t help but see it.

Cleaning Porcelain stains with ZUD

Notice that blackened line around the seal? Get a good look because it will be gone soon.


This bottle of Zud should come with a cape on it because it really is a lifesaver. 

Cleaning Porcelain stains with ZUD

Look no ring around the spigot.

Cleaning Porcelain stains with ZUD

The ring is gone and my sink is shiney! This product really works. I didn’t get paid for this and I bought the product myself. These are all my opinions and I just wanted to share it with the world because I am so happy something finally worked! If you are reading this then I would suggest trying it out, it works on bathtubs too!